A Modern Day Towel Rail: Rointe Review

When we renovated our ensuite we opted to remove the towel rail radiator as the pipes ran across the new door opening and thought we didn’t need it as upstairs was hot enough (we previously had halogen bulbs in there that made it like a sauna!). Within a few short months we realised that actually the ensuite could really do with the warmth after all but we thought adding a towel rail back in now without causing lots of damage would be near enough impossible, so when Rointe contacted me to test their electric towel rail option I could’ve bitten their hand off!

I chose the chrome version that looks just like the modern towel rails that are connected to the hot water pipes but with just a simple plug connection. Now, I’ve not had much experience with electric radiators over the years so wasn’t sure what to expect when it arrived, I had visions of a light weight gadget in mind, but to my absolute surprise it was so solidly built and looked every part like a standard towel rail. So solid, it took two people to safely transport it upstairs!

I was also surprised at the ease of installation, the box contained a cardboard template for easy hole marking (this made a welcome change from the flimsy paper versions that often accompany items and rip easily).

Mr R had the holes marked out and drilled within minutes, you then simply screwed 4 tube shaped mounts onto the wall and slotted the towel rail on before tightening – it really was as straightforward as that!

Of course we don’t have a plug socket inside the ensuite so drilled a 5th hole straight through to the bedroom behind and plugged it in to the nearest socket there.

Now that the towel rail was installed all that was left to do was download the Rointe app and pair it to the device.

The towel rail control panel has basic controls on it for manual operation but the app allows full control of it with easy set modes like comfort and eco. It also means you can control it without being at home, so if you fancy warm cosy towels waiting for you when you get home ready for a bath you can set it on without having to turn the whole house on – perfect!

We’ve been testing it for a few days now and I’m so impressed with how much heat it pumps out even on the lower settings. If you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective and multi-functional alternative to a standard towel rail definitely check out the Rointe electric model!

Rointe Towel Rails – Link

Lots of love

*This is a sponsored post with Rointe, as always all opinons and views are my own.

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