Spring Clean and De-clutter your Home (in partnership with Argos Home)

Spring Clean and De-clutter your Home (in partnership with Argos Home) Spring is upon us with the start of much awaited longer days and warmer weather, making it the perfect time to give your home a spring clean and organise your space to keep it clean and tidy all year round! I’ve partnered with Argos Home to share some of my tips for decluttering your home with a spring clean and refresh as we look ahead to summer.

Argos Home’s new ranges for spring/summer are full of fresh and bright tones to add some light and colour to your space – the Everyday Luxury range is classic, pretty and is an affordable way to add a luxe touch to a neutral space. You can see some of the pieces I chose in my guest blog for them here – Link.

Grey cushions – Link

1) Make a list – First things first, grab a notepad and make a list of areas in your home that need a good clear out and deep clean, including those often forgotten areas- like under the bed, junk drawers, bathroom cabinets and the freezer.

Letter Rack – Link

2) Give everything a home – I’m sure you’ve heard me say this a hundred times before, but I truly believe that giving every item a designated home is the key to a tidy and clutter free space. Work on one room at a time spending a little time deciding exactly which items must be in that room for functionality, and which items need to be re-homed to a better spot. Aim to only have necessary items or a few decorative items on each surface to minimise clutter.

Marble plates – Link

3) Re-organise less functional spaces – If an area or cupboard is hard to keep tidy and organised, it’s much easier to start with an empty space than to try to re-organise around lots of items. For example, if plates and mugs aren’t fitting in your cupboards in their current configuration, take them all out and start placing them back in groups of similar sized and shaped items so that they fit better.

White Baskets – Link

Faceted Mirror – Link

4) Use pretty and clever storage solutions – Once you’ve decided where everything needs to live, invest and repurpose pretty storage boxes and containers to fit the contents. These white willow boxes are a perfect example of storage that is both purposeful and would also make a nice décor piece stacked up in a corner. (The heart tags could also be used with a label too!)

Blush Pink Ottoman – Link

5) Label as you go – A great way to encourage the whole family (and yourself) to put things back where they belong is with a label; that way everyone knows where something goes without needing to ask and soon enough it will become a habit. Argos has a great Brother labelling machine which is ideal for this!

Blush Pink Ottoman – Link

Grey Lamp – Link

6) Invest in multipurpose storage – Another great way to make storage functional is to choose multipurpose pieces; this blush pink ottoman not only has ample storage inside but doubles as a luxurious and comfortable place to sit, put your feet up on or even as a coffee table. Whittle your CD/DVD/book collection down to what you really want to keep and storage them nearby with an ottoman.

Letter Rack – Link

7) Add temporary storage too – Once you’ve organised the items you use often, find somewhere for more temporary items like incoming mail or to-do lists. This letter rack is great for storing new mail until you have dealt with it and as a place to store tape and pens for quick birthday card or gift preparation.

Heart Basket – Link

8) Gather your fave cleaning supplies – Use a basket to collate your favourite cleaning products in one place and work from one room to the next giving everything a thorough clean, paying particular attention to areas you don’t often get around to cleaning. If you’ve completed the above organisation and decluttering steps, cleaning your rooms will be much easier and quicker with less obstacles in your way too.

Lots of love

*This is a sponsored post with Argos Home, as always all opinions and views are my own.

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