Creative DIY Projects with Glue

Glue is such a versatile and useful product when it comes to DIY projects, so I’ve teamed up with Gorilla Glue to show you some quick and easy craft ideas you can do at home!

Embellished Photo Frames

You will need:

Gorilla Glue gel super glue

Plain photo frame



Apply the gel super glue to a small section of the frame and begin adding your embellishments.

The gel texture of this glue makes it easy to embed the pearls and move them around for 10 seconds before they set solidly, which means they won’t slide off as you work on the rest of the frame.


Continue adding the embellishments all around the frame until full then pop a photo inside and you’re ready to go with no drying time!

Crystal Handle Jars

You will need:

Gorilla Glue epoxy

Jar of choice

Crystal handle


Mix together a small amount of the epoxy glue (make sure you put the lid on after to use it again!) and apply a small amount to the middle of the jar lid before pressing the crystal handle on firmly.


After 5 minutes the handle will be solidly stuck to the lid and strong enough to lift the lid just with the handle!

Floral Displays

You will need:

Gorilla Glue clear

Clear jam jar

Faux flowers

Small gems (optional)


Pour a small amount of the clear glue into the base of  jam jar before adding your flowers and arranging them. This glue is perfect as it dries clear to resemble water in the jar and also holds the faux flowers in the perfect position.


Sprinkle the small crystals into the bottom of the vase or leave just the glue to set overnight to create a perfect floral display at home!

Pine Cone Trees

You will need:

Pine cones


Wine corks

Gorilla Glue


Paint your pine cones in your colour of choice; I’ve gone for a frosted finish to match my décor but they would look great painted in green or metallic too.

Cut the wine cork in half to create a tree stump and glue to the bottom of the pine cone.


Cut a star out of glittery paper and glue to the top of the pine cone.

Let dry and use as table décor this Christmas – they’d look great as part of a table setting!


Now grab your glue and get creative!

What are your favourite DIY crafts with glue? Comment them below!

Lots of love


*This post is in collaboration with Gorilla Glue and as always all opinions and views are my own.

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