En-suite Bathroom Renovation

It feels like we’ve been renovating our en-suite forever now but we’re finally pretty much there so I thought I’d share it with you all! I’ve always dreamed of having a huge walk in shower and Mr R’s been pining after a bigger bath since before we even moved in; So we had planned to renovate our en-suite at some point and started putting together ideas of what we wanted to do (I’m a big fan of roomstyler.com to create room designs as you might already know!).

Then one morning a few weeks back the shower thermostat handle snapped clean off and the shower stopped turning on – well that was clearly a sign to get on with it I thought and the renovation began!


We wasted no time that day and Mr R was already hacking the old tiles off the walls (with far too much enjoyment I must say!). We also had to cut away parts of the plasterboard that we had to get behind, either to repair pipes, change pipes or remove pipes mostly!


In order to achieve the large walk in shower we had to move the en-suite door which meant cutting a great big chunk out of the partition wall as above! We did cover the floor in clear plastic carpet protector but regretted it straight after as it stuck – do not recommend using this stuff on the isense!!


Great big hole in the wall later and we kept debating which way the door should open until some pinterest searching later when we decided to give a pocket door a go. This meant we would save space too with having no door in the way of the bathroom or the bedroom, as it slides discreetly into the wall frame.


A million trips to the dump later the old tiles were gone and it was time to call in a plumber to move the pipes to make my vision a reality! Our original soil pipe ran diagonally across under the shower tray which meant that the shower tray had to be raised quite high up off the floor.


A little reminder of this area before we ripped it out! As you can see the shower had a huge step to get in to it.


We found Swift rok builders on Trust a Trader and within a week or so they had hacked the old pipe out and moved the pipe to curve around the corner of the wall, as well as dropping the waste pipe down so that the shower would be as low as possible in this room.

Swift rok can be found here if you’re looking for workmen in the South! – Link


In order to make the pipe fit, lower the shower and create an alcove that we had envisaged we had to create a small false wall around the edge of the shower area – this was done using lots of wood battens and careful measuring! We created an alcove area with further wood battens that would then be boxed around with moisture proof plasterboard.

The plumbers also put in the new pipe work for our Grohe Smart Control shower system, ready for us to board up and tile the area. A huge thank you to Grohe at this point for going out of their way to get the shower parts to us as quickly as they could given our unexpectedly sudden project start date!


The plumbers also plumbed in our new wall hung sink and jacuzzi bath. Another special thank you goes out to the plumbers at this point for insisting that I needed a longer shower hose on the bath and going out to get one for me – you were so right!

For those interested in the jacuzzi bath it was plumbed in by the plumbers then they had to call in an electrician (DAL electrics) who wired the bath in safely. He also wired in the bathroom TV at the same time.

We also started tiling around the workmen to speed the job up!


We also added some additional LED spotlights to the alcove area that turn on and off with the main bathroom lights. I hate having shower products out on display which means they live in the cupboards but having this alcove space is great for having it out when showering!


Majority of the plumbing done and we started putting in the pocket door frame (lots of tutorials on pinterest if you fancy one!). This is the basic frame on one side and meant we could board up the shower area inside. We still haven’t done the bedroom facing side of the frame yet but will do soon!


The door then just slides along the track fitted above and disappears into what will be a wall or closes!

Pocket door system we used can be found here – Link


The plumbers recommended that we tanked the shower area to create a protective barrier behind the tiles so we did! First you apply a primer on to the walls.


You apply the included joint tape onto all edges and joints, then roll two coats of the tanking solution onto the walls, allowing each coat to dry before continuing.

Tanking kit can be found here – Link


Once tanked you end up with something like this ready to be tiled!


As much of the tiling in as we could and the plumbers were back to install the final parts of our Grohe Smart Control shower system!


This is the exact system we went for! Use the Grohe configurator here (Link) to design the perfect system for your requirements – we wanted something that was mostly concealed, looked sleek and delivered a spa-like shower experience and this more than delivered!

Shower configurator can be found here – Link


Everything now in place and we grouted the tiles, silicon-ed the joints and caulked the ceiling joints!


And there we have it – the en-suite we dreamed about for years (and then some!) finally a reality!

Let’s start with the tiles, my go-to for all things tile is always Tile Mountain (I mean just look at how gorgeous my outdoor slabs are!). You may recognise the floor tiles as we had laid these in the en-suite a while back, we loved them so much we opted for the exact same tiles for the floor again but laid them in the other direction to match the wall better.

Floor tiles – Doblo light grey – can be found here- Link

The wall tiles are both pearl in colour and I’d say they look a gorgeous shade of pale grey or cream depending on the light – the feature wall tiles in particular have a big wow factor!

Feature wall tiles – broadway pearl- can be found here – Link

Other wall tiles – look pearl- can be found here – Link


We replaced our old glass sink with this wall hung one with cupboard space to keep all of our toiletries out of sight!

Sink (mid-edged sink option)- Link

Tap Warehouse seems to have two stores that sell almost identical items – the other is Flush bathrooms!

We actually couldn’t find one shop that had everything we wanted in so ended up buying lots of bits from different places – hope you’ll all agree that it’s come together!


I know you all love a peak inside my drawers and naturally I found the perfect drawer dividers to keep the space neat and organised! I’ve even found an oral-b toothbrush head holder that fits perfectly inside the mini storage square 🙂

Drawer dividers can be found here – Link

They’re made of different sizes that can be clicked together to suit your drawer!

Toothbrush head holder can be found here – Link


The bottom drawer has different dividers that included movable divider pieces which meant I could adjust them to the width I needed for the bottles! I’ve also added razor hooks to the front inside to hold the razors safely out of the way.

Drawer dividers can be found here (3 pack) – Link

Razor Hooks can be found here – Link


The mirror was a bit of an impulse purchase but it definitely paid off, it’s stunning! It’s hard wired into the wall and turns on and off with the little square sensor in the middle.

Mirror can be found here – Link


After loving the towel holder we added to the downstairs bathroom, we added the same one up here, it tucks away neatly beside the sink unit too which I love!

Towel holder can be found here – Link


We kept the Next roman blind in here that so many of you ask about, unfortunately it was years ago now but a similar one can be found in Dunelm!

Similar Roman Blind can be found here – Link

The silver and pink ombre bathroom accessories also fit beautifully in here, also from my fave Matalan! I’ve got the toilet brush on order too (it kept going out of stock!).

The SOAK sign was from Wilko years ago.

Soap dispenser can be found here – Link


The jacuzzi bath was the biggest size I could find for the 1700 length (I searched forever!) and is the 8 jet version – absolute dream to soak in!

Bath tub can be found here – eBay Link

We added a wooden gloss bath panel to that adjusted to the height of the new bath (which was higher than our old bath).

Bath panel can be found here – eBay Link

As soon as I saw these sparkly trim towels in Matalan I knew we had to have them (I must’ve been a magpie seriously!).

Sparkle towels can be found here – Link


The bathroom TV was a must for us in here! We opted for a cheaper option from eBay and it works a dream! It’s hooked up to our aerial so you can watch live TV and we also added an Amazon fire stick so we can watch catch up TV and Netflix!

Bathroom TV can be found here – eBay Link

Amazon Firestick can be found here (great in all rooms!) – Link

The jacuzzi bath and TV combined create the ultimate luxury bath space!

The little flowers are from the Range and placed in a clean jam jar.


We opted for an overflow filler and deck tap set in here for an elegant look.

Deck tap and overflow set can be found here – Link


The set above came with a different hand shower head but I ordered the matching Grohe one as it looked much sleeker!

Shower head can be found here – Link


Now for the other end of this room – our incredible spa-like shower space, every time I see it I still think WOW!

Shower tray can be found here – Link

Shower glass can be found here – eBay Link (we opted not to use the arm as it felt secure enough)


In case I haven’t said already the Grohe Smart Control shower is a thing of dreams! You literally push the button for the function you want and it turns on (no electrics involved!) and twist the button to change the pressure! Same goes for the thermostat below, just twist to adjust. Best of all you can have as many or as little of the functions on at the same time, as different pressures to your hearts content!

Grohe shower system can be found here – Link

or on Amazon here too – Link

The toilet can also be found here – Link


I’ve added a little touch of pink here too with these candle holders from Matalan (of course!). They came with gold stands but fit the space better without them (although they’ve been saved to use elsewhere!).

Candle holders can be found here – Link

And there we have it! We’ll be adding a towel rail back up soon too and will share that once done but for now here are the before and afters for a quick comparison!

It’s now my favourite room in the house, I can’t stop staring at it! Hope you all love it as much as we do!

Lots of love


*This post contains collaborations with Tile Mountain and Grohe UK, but as always all opinions and views are my own!


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