My Fave 5 Kitchen Hacks

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A few little tricks in the kitchen can make life so much easier, so I’m really excited to be teaming up with Howdens Joinery, who are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances and joinery products from local stock, to bring you some of my favourite kitchen hacks that will change your kitchen forever!

1) Add a spice rack

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Utilise an empty wall space or the inside of a cupboard door by adding a mounted spice rack. This will make scrabbling around for the spice you need a thing of the past and easily allow you to see when you’re running low. We used a few wooden strips and metal dowel rods to create a wall length spice rack on an empty wall in our kitchen – it’s made such a difference when cooking!

2) Use storage jars

Hide And Sleek

Decant your pantry items like flour, pasta and cereals into airtight storage containers with labels. This will save space in your cupboards as packaging often takes up a lot of space and isn’t easy to store neatly. More importantly the airtight containers will keep products like cereal fresher once opened. We’ve used clear containers for the pantry items in our kitchen and store them on a large tray inside the cupboard that can be pulled out to reach jars at the back effortlessly.

3) Use rods or drawer dividers


Screw dowel rods across the drawers or use drawer dividing inserts to create separate sections where awkward items like pan lids and baking trays can be stacked upright and stored without taking up excess room.

4) Add towel holders

Under Sink Space

Use wall mounted towel holders inside cupboard doors or underneath wall cupboards to store your kitchen rolls and hand towels out of the way. This helps to keep worktops clutter free and also maximises the space inside your cupboards.

5) Use baskets and shelves

Tackle That Butternut Squash

Add labelled plastic baskets or tiered shelves to the inside of your cupboards to store items in groups, such as all snack bars or biscuits in their own box and all tins and jars lined up on tiered shelves. This is great for seeing exactly what you have in the cupboards at a glance and also keeps your cupboards looking neat and tidy with everything having a designated space.

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Head over to Howdens Joinery to read about even more kitchen hacks and see if you can spot which were mine!

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*This is a sponsored post with Howdens Joinery but as always all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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