Outdoor Overhaul

Now that we’ve almost completed the layout of our new garden I’m turning my attention to the part I love the most – decorating it! I’ve created some mood boards of the best garden décor trends around with lots of beautiful pieces from Wayfair to inspire us all!

Country Garden


I love the country garden vibe! Lots of pretty pastels and florals are the key to achieving this décor look. Pair together with vintage garden furniture and you’re all set for afternoons in the sun with dainty drinks and picnics.

The floral wreath above could be used as a table centrepiece or hung on a wall to add to the look. I love the shape of the planter with trellis, I would probably give this a coat of antique white paint to tie in with the furniture and plant some pretty climbing flowers in it – you could even use multiple of these to create a decorative garden border.

See below for all items on the mood board:

Outdoor Rug – Link    Table and Chairs – Link

Blue Cushion – Link    Floral Cushion – Link

Beige Cushion – Link     Picnic Basket – Link

Wreath – Link     Lantern – Link

Planter – Link     Jug – Link     Tray – Link



The botanical garden look makes me think of Earthy décor with lots of green accents. This would work perfectly with a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers. The leafy accents on the outdoor rug, cushions, tray and plant pots compliment each other well and help tie the whole look together. I love this chimenea too for those brisker summer evenings!

The sofa set has a great neutral palette which means that you could accessorise it easily with some cushions or coloured throws depending on your mood.

See below for all items on the mood board:

Outdoor rug –Link     Sofa set – Link

Tray – Link     Chimenea – Link     Lanterns – Link

Pot – Link     Botanical cushion – Link

Textured cushion – Link     Leaf cushion – Link



Beautiful jewel tones are very popular and work well with the Moroccan style – this look would work great with lots of cushions scattered on an outdoor rug to create a chill out area. The Moroccan look also includes gold metallic accessories, such as this stunning lantern – imagine the shadows that would cast in the evening!

See below for all items on the mood board:

Outdoor Rug – Link     Table –Link     Side table – Link

Pouffes – Link     Lantern – Link

Pink cushion – Link     Pattern cushion – Link

Teal cushion – Link     Jug – Link

Throw – Link     Garden mirror – Link



Create your own piece of the seaside by teaming shades of blue, grey and white together in a nautical inspired space. Stripes are particularly characteristic of this trend and work well on the rug and cushions – as well as the themed items with anchors, boats and lighthouse lanterns.

I love the look of that hammock, it would make the perfect spot to chill out with a good book and an ice cold drink!

See below for all items on the mood board:

Hammock – Link     Sofa set – Link

Blue stripe cushion – Link     Beige cushion – Link

Blue anchor cushion – Link     Outdoor rug – Link

Lighthouse lanterns – Link     Side table – Link

Boat – Link     Tray – Link



This is more of a quirky style with lots of bright, bold, beautiful colours mixed together that compliment each other. It would be difficult to sit there and not feel instantly uplifted! I love the idea of keeping the furniture a more neutral shade and using bright accessories to add the colours instead, as again it makes it easier to swap the colours around to create a new look with a neutral base.

You could of course add some citrusy yellows and oranges to this mix to create an even more rainbow-like look!

See below for all items on the mood board:

Outdoor Rug – Link     Sofa Set – Link

Green Cushion – Link     Trellis Cushions – Link

Pink Cushion – Link     Jug – Link

Table – Link     Wind Spinner – Link      Lanterns – Link



Copper is huge in home décor at the moment and would look fantastic in an industrial style outdoor garden. Combining dark colours with hints of metallic copper to create a modern industrial feel. That copper fondue set is sure to be popular on a summer evening sitting around that sofa with good company – don’t forget the wine!

The industrial look pendant lights are made for outdoor use and could be used as statement lighting. The black patio heater would work great with this look and keep you warm on cooler evenings.

See below for all items on the mood board:

Outdoor Rug – Link     Sofa Set – Link

Tray – Link     Patio Heater – Link

Table – Link     Black Cushion –Link

Copper Cushion – Link     Textured Cushion – Link

Fondue Set – Link     Hanging Lights –Link

Holiday Chic


Now I’m sure this style will seem familiar to most of you – this is the style I’ve opted for in our new garden. Use a palette of white and grey to create a sophisticated oasis in your garden, it reminds me of being on holiday in a smart chic hotel, somewhere hot!

Fire pits are gorgeous garden focal points, they can be used to keep you warm in the evenings and also to toast marshmallows on! Having a space for drinks is also great for entertaining guests, whether with a tall table or a bar area.

See below for all items on the mood board:

Sofa Set – Link     Fire Pit – Link

Outdoor Rug – Link      Grey Cushion – Link

White Cushion – Link      White Grey Cushion – Link

Patio Heater – Link      Bar Table – Link

Lanterns – Link     Artificial Plant – Link

Hope this has inspired you to style your garden this summer – think of it as gaining an additional living space! Happy garden decorating 🙂

Wayfair have also just announced the top UK Home Interior Styles by Region! They amazingly discovered that every region in the UK prefers a different interiors style. Their data found that the South East loves country cottage and favours timeless furniture, being from this region and having more of a modern style interior yet with calm and neutral touches which fits the country cottage style, it would be great for you to join the discussion and share if you agree with these findings? If not, how do you like to decorate your home?

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Click here to read more and see a map of the regions – Link

Lots of love


*This is a sponsored post with Wayfair, but as always all opinions and views are my own.

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