Choosing the Perfect Window Treatment with Thomas Sanderson

Lots of you will have seen that I’ve been having a bit of a dilemma with choosing the perfect window treatment for my large patio doors in my lounge – I changed them 3 times in one week! For this reason I’ve been researching different types of window treatments lately and came across Thomas Sanderson. I’ve been really impressed with their range and wanted to share a bit about them with you all.


Their bespoke products are manufactured in the UK, which for me is always something to be treasured. But also means that the turnaround time is much shorter than other companies that I’ve seen. Plus their luxury products are made to the highest quality finish, designed to be timeless and innovative. I’m rather impressed with their products and expertise in providing quality window treatments. Thomas Sanderson are also the preferred partner for over 200 high street brands including a favourite amongst the home community: Laura Ashley! They even offer a collaboration collection of Laura Ashley colours and prints that match the iconic designs.

Now let’s take a look at the products that caught my attention.

Thomas Sanderson Nov 20170121_RT


I’m seeing more and more shutters crop up in home interiors lately and adore the look of these! They remind me of holiday home décor which is always a good association.


I’ve seen that the Thomas Sanderson shutters use advanced mechanisms so that the quality feels much stronger and smoother than those made abroad. I hadn’t really considered this but absolutely wouldn’t want shutters that rattle when they move around. These bright colour options are also magical!


I really like the idea of shutters in a bedroom. Curtains aren’t always easy to keep tidy, especially in a room when you would be opening and closing them daily. Shutters are smart, fit into the window space neatly, plus the Thomas Sanderson shutters have taken into consideration smaller light gaps so light, noise and heat loss are all reduced.


Their shutters also come in so many different shapes and styles to suit different windows, which means that they will have a style to suit everyone. This café and solid combined style above would work perfectly in a bedroom.

4826_Photomontage_House beaut 2

It’s also great to see that Thomas Sanderson have solved having shutters in damp conditions by creating vinyl shutters, especially for bathrooms and kitchens which come with a satin finish to give the appearance of wooden shutters but with a waterproof nature that can easily be wiped clean and have been treated to stop them from yellowing.

Thomas Sanderson Nov 20170221_RT

Another style of shutter offered by Thomas Sanderson are these tracked shutters which would fold neatly away to the side of a patio door. I love the way their hinges have been specially developed to disappear out of sight when closed, making the whole shutter look neat and seamless. They also offer a colour matching service if you are trying to colour co-ordinate your shutters, the taupe/grey colour above looks so elegant!

Click here to see their full range of shutters – Link.



I’m always a big fan of blinds in my home as they provide privacy, can easily be drawn out of the way for maximum light and at the same time create a statement of the window, so I’ve been even more impressed with Thomas Sanderson’s range of blinds.


They provide blinds in a huge variety of colours and are specialists in fitting blinds in all windows including complicated conservatory roofs and awkward shapes. The range of thermal blinds significantly reduce heat loss at your windows, so this will help keep your rooms warmer and also reduce your heating bills.


I love the look of their pirouette blinds, they look like they’re just elegantly floating along the window. The cords are concealed which makes them look more stylish and neat, with the importance of being child and pet safe. It’s also worth noting just how much light is still coming through the windows above even with the blinds in front.


I’ve saved the best until last – Thomas Sanderson also specialise in powered blinds, now this is right up my street! These luxury alternatives to typical roller or vertical blinds can be controlled by a mobile app which can be set on a timer to give the illusion that someone is home when you are on holiday or even just timed to suit your day to day routine. This is so ingenious and futuristic!

Click here to see their full range of blinds – Link.

Only problem is I have no idea how I’m possibly going to choose the perfect window treatment with all of these amazing choices! Head over and take a look at the full range of options at Thomas Sanderson, they’re very experienced and helpful so are sure to provide you with a tailored service for your perfect window treatments.

See more here – Link.

Lots of love


*This is a sponsored post with Thomas Sanderson, but as always all opinions and views are my own.

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