Quick + Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

Our kitchen has looked the same for nearly 3 years with very little change but recently I decided I wanted to change the colour of the accessories to textured grey and just make the whole room feel refreshed. So if your kitchen is feeling a little tired or just in need of a little shake up, have a go at one of my quick and easy changes – a small change can make the room feel completely different!


Here’s the “before” of our kitchen – this is a prime example of why I love neutral white/beige/grey decor so much, it makes it so easy to change a few things to transform the look of the room without too much work/expense, as white goes with everything!

Paint the room or add wallpaper


A fresh new coat of paint will instantly update any room or new wallpaper like we opted for! I didn’t want anything as permanent as tiles in here (one because I change my mind often and two because we have long term plans to change the layout of this kitchen and three because wallpaper is just much easier!) so we chose glittery tile effect wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper which went on really easily.

Wallpaper – Link


The wallpaper is extra washable which makes it perfect for kitchens and the glittery flecks catch the spotlights beautifully too. We already have a clear glass splashback behind the hob which has gone over the wallpaper for extra protection in that messy area. We have also ordered some chrome trim to put around the edges of the paper to finish it off.

Wallpaper – Link

Chrome Trim –eBay Link

Change the handles


Another easy update is to change the cupboard handles (think of it as kitchen jewellery!), this can quickly change the entire look of the cupboard. Just measure the hole centres of your current handles and find a new style that you like, they can then be screwed into your existing holes for an easy change.

We previously had rounded t-bar style handles but went for a squared more sleek style to update the look of our cupboards.

New handles – eBay Link

Old handles – eBay Link

Utilise an empty space


The space to the right of the kitchen window was initially empty and then had glass display shelves in. but over time I found that the space felt wasted and just gathered dust, so we decided to add a new small cabinet to the space – who doesn’t want more cupboard space? This has also made the wall look more balanced as the other side of the window has a cupboard too.

You could also add an open spice rack like we’ve done on another wall!

Spice rack how to post – Link.

Change your window dressing


Add a new blind or pelmet – or in our case cover your existing blind with new fabric to give it a new lease of life!

You can read about how I covered this blind here – Link.

Change your bar stools or chairs


Chairs and bar stools are easier to change than the fixed furniture so choose a new colour or style for a quick update or as in our case, have them covered by an upholsterer like Cover It Glam who did ours!

Cover It Glam – Link

Other Options

Paint cupboards


If you fancy a new colour on your cupboards then paint them for a quick fix! My painting wardrobes technique would work well here too, one coat of primer and two coats of gloss paint.

Read about how I painted my wardrobes here – Link.

Vinyl Flooring

Tiling can be expensive and time consuming, so look at tile effect vinyl flooring for a quick new kitchen floor. We plan to do the same in our cloakroom soon with glitter tile effect vinyl from Carpetright.

Vinyl tile flooring – Link

Cover or paint worktops

If you don’t like the look of your worktops cover them with adhesive vinyl or give them a paint for a quick update.

Update kitchen accessories

This can range from a new toaster (we’ve got a new one coming soon with white geometric effect!) to a new cookbook stand, to new plants in the window. I love clear counter tops with a select few items out that compliment the room.

Add lighting


If you have pendant light fittings in your kitchen then choose new shades for them, or add new lights under your cupboards for a new look (if wires are a problem opt for battery spotlights – which is what we have done for the extra cabinet we added).

Spotlights – eBay Link

Happy DIY-ing!

Lots of love


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