Replacing Wardrobe Doors

We have been intending to change the doors on our built in wardrobes since we moved in but have only just got round to it, so here is how we did it!

I’ve always loved the idea of fully mirrored wardrobes to open the room up and make it feel bigger and brighter, so I’ve spent ages trying to work out how to do this, I looked into bespoke doors which would cost a small fortune, sliding doors which would be difficult to fit on our existing frame and finally stumbled across the IKEA doors intended for their PAX wardrobes. They were 5cm bigger than each of our existing doors but with a little tweaking we were able to make them fit our existing space.


First things first, we measured the height and width of our existing doors and the overall space. We opted for the tallest IKEA doors and the wider size, as this would leave us with small gaps between each section and at the ends but would cover the majority of the wardrobe space. Measure the overall space, not just your existing doors to determine your space.

A trip to IKEA and a careful game of car jenga later we were the proud owners of 6 great big mirrored wardrobe doors! (Well technically we were going to IKEA for another item and decided to finally take the project on on the way there!)

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors – Link

Also keep an eye on eBay as these are often on sale for even less – eBay Link


We removed one of the existing wardrobe doors and stood one of the new ones in front of the space to mark the height we wanted them. We actually used a book  under the door for the first few to get the height right (2cm above floor height).

We used our existing hinges to fit these doors on instead of the standard IKEA ones that came with the doors. This will depend on your wardrobe type though, you may need different hinges which go backwards rather than across.

Hinges (ours are similar to these) – eBay Link


We marked the edge of where the new doors came to and used that as a guide to find where the hinges needed to be move to.


The holes on the right are the new position and the left holes were the previous doors position. The line to the right of the top holes show the edge of the new doors, we measured from the edge of the doors to the hinge screw holes to get this position right.


The hinges were then screwed into the new position as above. This was then repeated for the bottom hinge (leaving the two middle hinges until after we got the top and bottom right).


We then lifted and hooked the doors on to the top and bottom hinges (Mr R held from the top and pushed in, while I pushed upwards from the base of the door – so some help is probably needed at this point to get them on the hinges).


Once happy with the height of the door, we then screwed in the two middle hinges to the wardrobe frame.


With one door in place, we then started on the door next to it following the same steps above. Once one door was in place it was easier to work out the height all the way along as we were able to use that one as a guide.


We left a gap of about 1cm between two doors for handles to fit inside and about 2cm between each set of 2 doors to allow for opening easily and also to balance them out along the whole area. I’m thinking about painting the edges in a grey colour to blend them in better too.

Repeat until all doors are replaced.


The IKEA doors come with standard curved handles but we opted to use new handles instead (same as the ones used on our ensuite cabinets) that have a cleaner straight edged look. They screw in behind the door and bend around to the front – opening and closing with this means less finger marks on the glass too!

Handles – Link


We also fitted magnetic door catches to the top and bottom of each door to keep them closed – we found that their weight meant the flapped forward slightly compared to our old doors.

Magnetic Catches – eBay Link


The inside of wardrobe doors is a great space for organisation hacks and to make everything easier to locate! We moved all of our existing hacks from the back of the old doors to the new ones, including cup hooks to store my necklace collection on.

Cup Hooks – eBay Link


And this wall mounted hairdryer and straightener mount for my hair gadgets. I’ve use a velcro wrap to keep the cables neat and tidy, the mount then has hooks for holding them in place.

Hair Dryer Mount – eBay Link

Velcro Wrap (10mm) – eBay Link


One of Mr R’s organisation tools are these tie racks.

Tie Racks – eBay Link


They keep his every-growing tie collection neatly lined up! We’ve got a third rail going up soon below these very soon to give the ties some more space haha!


And that’s it! 6 doors replaced and they look like brand new wardrobes! 🙂


If changing the doors isn’t an option for you but you fancy an update, have a look at painting them – you can read my guide on how to here, that’s what we did to the wardrobes in one of our other bedrooms! Or even look at covering them in sticky back vinyl.

Happy DIY-ing!

Lots of love


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