New Sofas & my Sofology Experience

Our stunning new sofas finally arrived yesterday and I’m over the moon with them so I’m going to share how the rest of my experience with Sofology went!

You can read the first part of my Sofology experience here – which includes the ordering process and how I chose the perfect sofas for my home.

Arranging Delivery

So when I ordered my sofas I was told there would be a wait time of 7-9 weeks with an estimated delivery date of 6th February. We spent those weeks completely transforming our lounge by flipping the layout around, choosing new wallpaper and building a false chimney breast which has become the focal point of the room (read more on that here). I’m completely blaming the sofas for spurring on a redecoration!

We were told in store that 2 weeks before delivery we would receive a text to book our delivery slot, so when it reached 2 weeks before our estimated delivery date and I hadn’t heard anything yet I logged on to my Sofology account again to check for any updates and discovered the estimated date had now changed to showing 16 February! We had arranged for our new carpets to be fitted near the original estimated date (as this had been showing as the estimated date for 7 weeks) which meant that the carpets had to be fitted around the old sofas and we had to wait an extra week! My advice here is to take estimated dates with a pinch of salt as unfortunately things can change! One thing I think Sofology could improve on is to communicate any delays/changes of estimated date with customers directly by e-mail/text instead of just changing the date on the tracking system which could have easily been missed if I hadn’t logged on to check.

So just over a week later I received the much anticipated text message telling me that I could now book my sofa delivery date – I was ecstatic! Logging on to my Sofology account it showed me that the earliest delivery date I could book was 14th February (2 weeks from receiving the text) so I snapped it up – it was certainly one way to spend Valentine’s Day!

The day before the delivery date I received an e-mail and a text message with an estimated time slot of 10:30-14:30, so was up and ready for them the next morning!


Delivery day finally arrived yesterday after 10 weeks and I felt like a kid at Christmas! The driver called at around 13:15 to let me know he was half an hour away and then a great big Sofology branded vehicle appeared at the end of my driveway! The driver (Dominic?) had a look at access to the lounge and decided the best route would be around the back through the patio doors.

They then carried 5 large packaged pieces of furniture around the side and through my patio doors – I was very impressed that they kept removing their shoes before stepping foot on to my brand new carpet each time they came through the door! I had ordered two large sofas and a footstool, the sofas came in two parts for easy delivery and were packaged with cardboard and plastic to ensure they arrived in perfect condition.

They carried all pieces inside then unpacked them all and began screwing the legs on to each part of the sofa. They worked quickly and efficiently with clear knowledge of what they were doing.

The two sofa parts then cleverly slotted together and became one big sofa! This was a great feature in my view, as getting that sofa around my side entrance would’ve proved very heavy and awkward in one piece.

They then plumped the cushions and put the sofas together, before adding the legs to my footstool, checking I was happy with it all and leaving me with some after care advice such as that I needed to plump the cushions daily to keep their shape.

They then grabbed all of the packaging that the sofas had come in, took it back to their van and they were gone, leaving me to test out my new sofas!

The finished product

I fell in love with the Savanah sofas the moment I saw them online, no matter what else I saw they just didn’t compare to these for some reason! And once the drivers left I got a good chance to inspect my new sofas in great detail.

The stud details and the curved shape of the arms were what sold these sofas to me! I love how solid they feel and how beautifully they finish the sofa off – I think it’s really important for a sofa to look good as well as being comfortable as they’re such huge pieces in a home.

The fabric also really appealed to me being textured velvet, it looks beautiful but make the sofa very comfortable and soft. Time will tell how easy the fabric is to keep clean (I do have the Sofology care kit which will hopefully help with this!). I will admit to instantly deciding that the cushions would need to be swapped as I much prefer a neutral palette to darker palettes and luckily the cushions are reversible so I could easily achieve my neutral palette by turning them around and adding an extra cushion for a little sparkle (Anya Cushion – link).

Last but not least they are incredibly comfortable, you literally sink in to them – we tested them for the first time last night and Mr R fell asleep during our movie, then made the comment “well you know the new sofas are comfortable when you fall asleep on them” haha I think he approves!


My overall experience with Sofology has been positive, the ordering experience was seamless and despite the small delay in delivery the sofas themselves have made up for it – They’ve made my room feel even more cosy and elegant than I expected and I know they will make the perfect seating for entertaining in this house. I’m happy to recommend Sofology and look forward to spending many evenings relaxing in style!

Lots of love


*This post is in collaboration with Sofology. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. I found sociology very good . I had a white leather sofa & chair for the conservatory last year , they assembled it & removed all packaging and asked me if I was happy with it, I did see a black mark on the sofa & they quickly went to the van to get a case put some cleaning stuff on it and it was gone . So a very happy customer .

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