New Carpets: Carpetright Review

I first became obsessed with the iSense carpet range when I joined the instagram home community as so many of you raved about how soft and durable they were – I knew that one day we would have to invest in them! After Christmas last year we started seriously considering making that change and ordered a few colour samples from Carpetright of the different iSense ranges to find the perfect beige. We finally settled on one appropriately named “beige” (I’m a big fan of neutral carpets as you probably already guessed!)  in the Serenity range and headed to our local Carpetright store!

Why Carpetright?

We had used Carpetright for our first set of carpets in this house and had a really pleasant experience with them so knew they were the obvious choice for us again.


Back then we had just moved in, I really didn’t like the green carpets that the house came with and I had also just broken my foot, so I spent days on end staring in dismay at the green carpet – I spontaneously called up my local Carpetright store (even back then they were the obvious choice, wherever you looked there was a big shiny store nearby!) and they sent out someone to measure up the rooms and give us a quote the next day. Within a few days I had hobbled in to store on crutches with Mr R and we had chosen a cheap but stain resistant carpet and invested in quality underlay with no pressure from the salesmen.


Within a week we received a call saying they were ready to fit and then within another week the Carpetright fitters arrived and our house was transformed from green to a beige bliss! Flooring makes much more of an impact on a room than we realised.

Anyway, so fast forward three years and we were looking for another easy carpeting experience (the original carpets still looked great but I really wanted something soft and luxurious) and we knew Carpetright would deliver. They were also able to offer us a great deal on our new carpets which persuaded us to take the plunge and invest!


We arrived in store early Saturday morning and received a friendly smile from one of the salesmen as we entered but were left to browse in our own time which I loved – I absolutely hate being hounded the second I walk in to a store, it really puts me off!


We found 3 out of 4 of the iSense ranges on display in this store and had a quick look at their other ranges including House Beautiful before asking one of the sales assistants (Sherral) if they had the 4th iSense range in stock (which they didn’t but we had received free small samples in the post before so it wasn’t a problem and wasn’t the range we were planning to order luckily). Sherral then showed us a few of their other ranges which were similar to the iSense and on offer and we spent a little time comparing their softness and pile. We still wanted the iSense serenity – I think my mind was already made up before we even walked in to be honest!

So we sat down to order. We had drawn a little diagram of our house and scribbled our measurements on them, Sherral then went through each of our individual room measurements and calculated how much carpet we would need in each and which parts could be cut from the same carpet strip. We were really impressed with her knowledge and that she was helping us to maximise the amount we could get from the carpet roll rather than paying extra for excess carpet. The ordering process ended up being quite enjoyable and hassle free. Sherral then insisted on sending a Carpetright measurer out to double check our measurements for piece of mind – he arrived within a few hours the same day and the carpet order was then confirmed that afternoon!

Delivery and Fitting

Now I know I was told that I would be contacted when the carpet arrived to arrange fitting but I was conscious that I needed it to be a day when both Mr R and I could be off work to be there (and also because at the time I was expecting my new sofas two weeks after and had planned to get the carpets in, bulky furniture out and new sofas in a few days later, unfortunately that didn’t happen but that’s another review!), so I called up the store and asked if we could possibly provisionally arrange the fitting date for two weeks time which would allow me to book my leave from work in advance. They said that they didn’t normally book the fitting before the carpets arrive in store but would see what they could do. Within a few hours I had a call back and they had sorted the fitting for me on my preferred date – I was very impressed! He (Russell) had also said that I wouldn’t now receive another call when the carpets arrived and that the fitters would just arrive shortly after 9-9.30am on fitting day.


The night before the fitting we spent hours and hours clearing the rooms of furniture (as far as possible – the sofas in particular had to be pulled from one end to the other during carpeting as they were too bulky to go anywhere else).


We moved most of the furniture in to the bathrooms and kitchen, pulled up the old carpet and collapsed in to bed around 2am joking about what would happen if there was a mistake and the carpet fitters weren’t coming the next day (I know I was told I wouldn’t get another call but you can’t help panicking haha!).


Fast forward to the next morning and the fitters arrived bright and early with a van full of carpet – phew!! 🙂

They asked to look around at the spaces they would be carpeting so I took them for a quick tour before they decided to start on the study and smallest bedroom to allow us to move around some furniture we hadn’t been able to take out of the upstairs bedrooms (like the sofa bed!). As they did one bedroom, we moved the excess furniture in to another which worked well.


We found the fitters really friendly, polite and accommodating – I was expecting there to be an issue that we hadn’t managed to clear a few rooms completely but they were able to work around the odd pieces of furniture left and had already thought about carpeting the bottom step differently before I’d even expressed that I didn’t like the way it had been done last time (extra brownie points for that bottom step carpeting – it looks much neater now!!).

The fitters were Carpetright (Jim and Scott) on behalf of Carpetright and turned out to be very local – in fact their partners were already following me on Instagram which we found amusing! Small world!


They worked efficiently and neatly all through the house, clearing up small off-cuts and vacuuming each room when they had finished – they definitely got my vote for clearing up after themselves, not all contractors we’ve had around the house have been quite so good at it! They also both had iSense carpets in their own homes and were able to easily give us cleaning and care advice for the exact carpet type which was helpful (Tips: Use kitchen roll to blot any spillages instead of rubbing on the iSense, to be careful on the stair carpets as they’re slippery at first and try to pull the vacuum in one direction as it gets stuck on such a thick pile).


Mr R curiously watched them at work (we’re planning to do my mum’s lounge very soon and you all know he loves a bit of DIY!) particularly how they carpeted the last step neatly and how they joined two pieces of carpet together perfectly. Once they were done, downstairs, they completely cleared up after themselves and left us to put the furniture back in their places. I spent ages just shuffling around on the carpet after they left, I can’t even begin to describe how soft and silky they feel – I knew the iSense would feel good but hadn’t expected them to be quite so soft underfoot (yes I even rolled around on the floor to test too!).


I received a call from Sherral at our local store the next morning to check that all had gone to plan and that we were happy with the carpets – a resounding YES was given!


Overall, I’m absolutely in love with our new carpets, they are the softest, most comfortable carpets I’ve ever walked on and I will recommend the iSense serenity to anyone that will listen! We had family over the next day and everyone noticed straight away and commented on how nice they felt to walk on. I would also highly recommend Carpetright, this is now our second experience with them and both times we had nothing but great service and a hassle free process – the only hassle was having to move all the furniture around but maybe one day in the distant future there will be a genius way of doing it without that haha!

Lots of love


*This post is in collaboration with Carpetright. As always, opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. Loved your blog post! Looking into getting an iSense Serenity carpet myslef but cannot decide between two colours. Please can you let me know which is the colour that you went for as I love the look!

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