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During our last holiday to our favourite place on Earth (if you haven’t heard me say it a million times already it’s Excellence Playa Mujeres!!) we spent a wonderful few evenings watching movies on an outdoor projector screen by the beach, which got me thinking that with our garden renovations (read more about that here) this would make the perfect summer evening activity!


Before we even got back home I had ordered a projector and portable projector screen and started planning out how we were going to make it work!

Projector – Link

Projector Screen 120″ – Link

I found lots of DIY screen stand tutorials online but the majority used thick PVC pipes as their frame which I wasn’t so keen on – a quick trip to a DIY shop and we decided to use metal tubes instead for a smarter look.


We picked up 1 piece of chrome plated 15mm copper pipe and 4 x copper pipes ( 2 x 2m and 2 x 3m) – the copper pieces aren’t seen so we opted for the cheaper version of the pipe for the top of the frame and chrome legs where they would be seen.

Copper Pipe 2m – Link

Copper Pipe 3m – Link

Chrome Pipe – Link


We also picked up two elbow joints and two tee joints that are to fit 15mm pipes.

Elbow Joints – Link

Tee Joints – Link


We cut one of the 3m pieces down to 2.5 metres using a pipe cutter for the top of the frame.

Pipe cutter – eBay Link

We joined two pieces using an elbow joint and tightened it until it didn’t move. We then added another piece on the other end of the longer pole using another elbow joint.


We then used the height of the room to decide how tall we wanted the frame to be and cut 50cm off of the copper pipes.

We then cut 45cm of chrome pipe to be used as the visible part of the legs.

The silver buckets above were actually waste paper bins from Homebase but look great as bases for the stand!

Bins – Homebase (not online)


We cut a piece of wood that fit across the diameter of the bin and cut a hole out of the middle of it to hold the pole central and in place.


We then filled the inside of them with fast setting concrete and left to set – the weight holds the poles up in place and also stops the whole thing falling over.


We then went back to our frame and added the tee brackets to the bottoms with another supporting pole across them to create a rectangle.


We laid the frame on top of the projector screen and threaded a thick cord in a zig zag to hold it tight around the frame.

Thick Cord – Link

I’ve also ordered some cord toggles to go on the end of the cord to hold tighter.

Cord Toggles – Link


We had to cut a small hole on the two bottom sections where the tee joints connected to the chrome legs.


We then connected the chrome legs to the tee joints on the frame and the stand is complete!

This can now also be easily un-assembled by removing the screen and the metal joints just pull apart when needed.


The image is of course much clearer with the lights out!


We’ve been testing it out indoors but cannot wait for the weather to get better so we can enjoy it outside under the stars!

Next thing on my list is to find some suitable speakers to use outside!

I’ve never been much of a garden lover but since we’ve transformed it I can’t wait to spend more time out there! Read more about our garden renovation here.


Lots of love


6 thoughts on “DIY Projector Screen

  1. Love this and have purchased for Mr W’s birthday in Feb. I’m aiming to put the frame together myself, do you think this can be done eith one person?

    1. Hope he loves it! It can definitely be assembled by one person, might be a little tricky lifting it upright alone but doable xx

      1. Thanks lovely, Mr W loves his birthday gift. I opted for us to pop to the DIY shop and make the frame together so that’s a job for next week. We have friends over for a movie night next Fri so better get our skates in! Quick question, where did you put your projector to make it high enough to watch? x

      2. So glad he loves it! Hope the frame goes well! We had it on a side table with coasters under the front to angle it upwards xx

  2. I love this and it looks pretty easy but I worry about the speakers and how much noise it would make…..I don’t get on with one set of my neighbors and can absolutely see them moaning about the noise.

    1. The sound from the projector itself probably wouldn’t be too loud outdoors – if you added a speaker to it (like we plan to) that would probably be louder xx

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