How to Choose the Perfect Sofa

If you were following my insta stories on Tuesday night you would’ve seen that we’ve just been shopping with Sofology for a new sofa suite – I’m so excited for them to arrive!

So I thought I’d share my experience with Sofology and my top tips for choosing a new sofa with you all.

Choose a style you want to achieve

The first thing we did was have  a look through all of Sofology‘s options online and narrowed it down to a few ranges that suited the new look we (ok more like I!) wanted to achieve.

onlineI knew I wanted something with curved arms that I was able to drape throws over easily and something that looked modern and elegant – I’ll admit to being almost sold on the Savanah just from online photos!

Decide on a material

Think about what would work best for you – fabric or leather sofas. Personally, I’m not keen on leather sofas and find fabric much more comfortable. You may however decide that young children or pets would work best with leather sofas.

img_1737Even choosing fabric then opens up more options – what type of fabric – chenille, velvet, cord etc.

Decide on your layout

The next thing is to decide on the layout of your room – Do you want one sofa or a few? Do you want sofa’s around the edge or facing each other in the middle?


I actually like to use a 3D room planner website to decide how to lay my rooms out – it’s much less hassle than actually tugging furniture around, then deciding it doesn’t work! So I did the same with this, I put our dimensions in and played around with furniture until I was happy with it.


Saying that, the day after we ordered it, we’ve decided to flip the room around but the layout would still work, just on the opposite side (coming soon!).

The layout is completely up to your taste – the room above could have taken corner sofas, round sofas, smaller sofas etc but it all depends on what you want from the room.

Size matters

Initially we wanted to order the same pieces we have now (4 seater, 3 seater and loveseat) and assumed it would all be the same sizes as our current sofas – WRONG! When I actually measured up before visiting the store on Tuesday, I realised that the Sofology suite we were looking at were an additional 50cm more on each item than the ones we have now – that’s a lot of difference!

Double check your measurements before ordering anything to make sure it fits, you could even cut out a paper template and put it on the floor to check you’re happy with the sizes.

Pick a colour and pattern

It’s good to have an idea of your colour pallet before you visit a store but definitely look at fabric swatches when choosing  – what’s on the computer screen can look very different to real life and it will also look different under different lights. If you can ask for a swatch to take home with you and try it in your room.


The suite we chose comes in plain or patterned options – I love to keep bigger pieces of furniture plain and add any pops of colour or pattern through cushions and throws so I can alternate them as I change my mind (which is often!).

When looking at sofas in store try to ignore the colour of the ones on show and focus on the shape – sofas come in so many colours and patterns, especially at Sofology!

Visit a store

So now you have an idea of what you want I can’t recommend going in to a store and seeing the item in person enough. You get a real feel for the sofa and the colours – you might even change your mind when you see it in real life!

I know some stores have annoying pushy salesmen that jump on you as soon as you walk in and follow you around the store (we’ve experienced a bit of that in another brand!) but Sofology on the other hand pride themselves on not being pushy and just letting you look around in your own time – definitely a good move!

Walking in to Sofology was like entering a sofa sweet shop – I didn’t know where to start or where to look first! Everything looks even better in real life than on the website too I found.

We also hadn’t fully decided which arrangement of sofa’s to go for and showed the sales assistant a photo of our lounge who helped us decide that two larger sofas would look better and balance the room out better than 3 pieces – always helps to have another opinion when you’re so used to seeing your room a certain way.


The Ariana range caught my eye the minute I walked in (I even stood behind a lamp to take a photo of it properly with the sales assistant looking confused at me haha). There’s something very luxurious looking about this suite, the high backs and curved arms make it look like you could just melt in to the seat.

Ariana range – Link


We also loved the Marseille range – the curved shape of the back made this one stand out and that foot stool was huge!

Marseille range – Link

img_1738Another thing that caught my eye at Sofology was all the tables and lamps – they were all stunning and really helped to see what the sofas would pair well with. This particular end table was one I really loved!


Another one on our shortlist was the Lille – it has the beautiful curved arms and similar back to the Marseille above, such a lovely shape. As I said above though you’ve really got to focus on the shape not the pattern/colour – the pattern might not be for everyone but the giant swatch book in the middle had plainer colours too that would’ve made this sofa look very different.

Lille range – Link


Another one we looked at was the Haversham – it’s a more traditional style but still has the lovely curved arm details and yes it comes in plain colours too!

Haversham range – Link

We also wanted to see the new Cristiana range but unfortunately it wasn’t in stores yet – it looks incredible on the TV advert!

Cristiana range – Link

Test it out

As much as the first thing I notice when looking for a sofa is what it looks like, if it wasn’t comfortable to sit on I wouldn’t buy it.


We sat on lots of sofas in Sofology, some were firmer than I wanted and some were softer than I wanted, not everyone will want the same feel. Some were less deep than others and some you could fall in to and disappear – the one above was so tall Mr R looks really small in comparison!

Richmonde range (above) – Link


The Savanah in particular was the perfect feel for us, it’s super soft, deep enough to sit back in but also firm enough not to sink down.

Once we made our mind up we got to sit on the Savanah for the majority of our ordering process with the sales assistant taking our order, which was a lovely touch. It also helped us to decide that we wanted the matching height storage footstool to put our feet up on!

Care instructions

Now I don’t know about you but I also base my decision on how easy something is to clean, as unfortunately accidents happen and things spill! Always ask about the best way to clean the sofa and what not to do with it.

The sales assistant was very helpful in recommending a Sofology sofa care kit that could be used for cleaning the sofas and oiling them once a year or so – didn’t sound like too much work which is also a bonus! He also advised us not to put the covers in the washing machine or to allow anyone to sit on the arms which we wouldn’t have thought of if he’d not said it!

img_1866This is the kit and two of the lovely sales assistants that helped us on Tuesday!

Additional cover

Most sofa retailers will offer some kind of stain protection cover, it’s worth looking in to as the cost of this will outweigh having to replace the entire sofa because of damage! Ask about what their version is restricted to – some only allow a fixed number of call outs and some don’t cover certain stains for example.

Sofology offer a furniture protection cover for £39 per seat which we opted for – it covers you for things like spills, paint, rips etc an unlimited number of times for 5 years. If you do have a stain that you can’t remove they come and try to remove the stain or replace the fabric piece if not, which is a small price to pay for that piece of mind we thought!


Not everyone will have large pots of money sitting around for sofas and most sofa companies will offer some kind of finance option. Look for ones that offer interest free finance, that way you don’t pay extra on top of an already expensive purchase!

Sofology offer pay upfront, pay nothing for 12 months, pay on delivery or interest free credit options which can be tailored to suit you.

You can also pay a higher deposit to reduce future payments or pay more over shorter periods to reduce the length of the payments – we went for the interest free credit option so we can spread the payment over two years comfortably.


Ask about delivery before ordering. One of the first questions the sales assistant also asked us was about access to our property and making sure we could actually get them through the door!


Each sofa has it’s own turn around time which can vary greatly – some can be made in a few days express order and others take months. Our sofa’s are going to take 7-9 weeks now and I’m already counting down (I’m so impatient I know!). It’s useful to establish this before ordering particularly if you haven’t moved in to your new home yet or have work to do on the room before they arrive!

Sofology in particular contact you two weeks before delivery to arrange your delivery date to suit you which you can do over the phone, online or in store for ease. Then near the delivery date you can even put a preference in for AM or PM.

I’ll give you all a full review of our sofa’s and the aftercare we receive from Sofology once they’ve arrived! In the meantime we have some work to do on the lounge to get it ready for their arrival, so that’ll keep us busy until then.. watch this space!

Lots of love


*This post is in collaboration with Sofology but all opinions are my own*

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  1. Hello please could you advise which 3D app you used. Such a good idea to help me with my layout of a new sofa but there are so many apps available your recommendation would be appreciated. Many thanks Sarah

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