Utility Room Project

This project had been sitting in the pipelines for years now, until this weekend when we finally decided to crack on with it!

When we started planning our garage conversion, we always knew that we wanted a small utility room built in to it – so we got the builders to leave a space that was the exact size of 3 base cupboards on the back of the new family room (see that here). This room has since sat as an empty shell!

This was the blank canvas we had to work with. I spent hours trying to work out what kind of cupboards to put in here, putting various arrangements together on 3D kitchen planners and eventually decided to try and incorporate cube units in to the look (you all know I love cube units from my under stairs cupboard!).

Our washing machine is currently built in to the kitchen so we knew this room would be for storage only for the time being.

We took a late night trip to the wonderland that is IKEA and then stopped off at B&Q this weekend before spending a thrilling evening building 6 flat pack units!

Nothing ever runs smoothly though! Once we built the cabinets and put them in the room we then realised that the skirting boards were too high and the doors wouldn’t actually open haha.

We ripped the skirting boards out and made a trip to B&Q the next morning for new skirting before putting the cabinets back in and levelling them out. Spot the new skirting piece on the right!

Cupboards levelled and screwed to the wall, we then put the shelves in and screwed the worktop down.


This worktop is brilliant – it’s by Axiom by Formica Group and is called brushed concrete – it’s made of laminate but to the naked eye looks just like stone, it even has a textured feel to it too.

Worktop – Link

The cupboards then got their doors put on – this is the ringhult high gloss white range from IKEA. Our kitchen uses the same cabinets and IKEA comes with a great long guarantee!

Cabinets – Link

The handles are the same as our kitchen ones.

Handles – eBay Link

The crystal door knobs are also the same as we have on all of our doors.

Door knobs – eBay Link

We then added the cube units to either side. These particular cube units are from B&Q instead of the IKEA ones as they had 3 tier ones and also because the IKEA ones wouldn’t fit the space and include a 100cm cupboard too.

Cube units – Link

We then levelled the long unit along the top to be the same height as the cube units. We used special plasterboard screws on these walls to ensure they held up and we also screwed the top unit to the cube units to make it extra sturdy.

This unit is described on the IKEA site as 40cm x 100cm and pictured vertical, but we’ve hung it horizontally.

Cube boxes popped in to place and there we have one finished utility space 🙂 I’m so happy with how this turned out!

Love these cube storage boxes! They’re a lovely grey linen fabric that looks shimmery in the light. They’re slightly smaller than the boxes that are intended for this unit but the colour and style, as well as the price, was perfect!

Grey Boxes – Link

I have these fab storage tins in cream too but had to get the grey version to match this room!

Laundry Tins – Link

There will be similar lighting to our kitchen (see more here) going in here soon but otherwise this room is finally resembling a utility space!!

Lots of love


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