Decorating a Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

This year I’ve fallen in love with the snow flocked look and bought a brand new tree to create just that look! However, as you may already know I also love mixing gold and silver at Christmas, which isn’t the most common colour scheme for a flocked tree (as I found trying to stalk Pinterest!) – so here’s how I created the look…


First up I took out the bottom section of the tree and fluffed it out.

Our new tree can be found here – Link


This tree does come pre-lit, however I love lots of lights and ordered a set of 1000 to add more to it.

I loop the lights on the individual branches, as shown above, to create a fuller lit look. Think of it like creating a U shape on each branch. These fairy lights are also a compact design which is intended to create a twinkly effect.

1000 Fairy Lights – eBay Link

My other tip is to work with the lights plugged in so you can see where they’re going.


Then I added the middle and top sections, fluffed and repeated the light stringing – for the top section I used the standard wrapping around and around technique as it isn’t made of separate branches.


Tree up! Now I pick one type of bauble – in this case these beautiful silver roses – and put them on the tree in a zig zag shape e.g. one at the top left, one further down to the right and then one in the middle, then left, then right etc. so that they are scattered.

Silver Roses – ChristmasTimeUK – Link


Spot 8 of them scattered above!

I also add the topper on early, just because I can’t reach easily and don’t want to mess the baubles up after haha!

Tree Topper – eBay Link


I then choose another set of baubles in another colour and style – these pretty bow ones – and repeat the scatter effect.

Bow Baubles – ChristmasTimeUK – Link


Scattered look including two baubles.


Then I went for these diamond shaped ones from Home Bargains last year.

You can read more about my Christmas decor storage here too – Link.


Then these stunning bows  – scattered across the tree again.

Jewel Bows – ChristmasTimeUK – Link


Preview of the bauble arrangement so far! Can you spot them all?


Then these fab locket baubles went on – they actually open too!

Locket Baubles – Matalan – Link


Then these white lace ones!

White Lace Baubles – Matalan – Link


Then these gold ones!

Gold Baubles – Matalan – Link


Preview of it at this stage too – to show the layout of each bauble!


Then these sparkly ones – purchased from Wilko over time I’ve got them in gold and silver. Again keep scattering so they’re spread out!

Sparkly Baubles – Wilko – Link


Then sequined gold ones! These are from last year and I’m trying to remember where they’re from! I imagine Home Bargains or B&M maybe.


All the baubles on and then a few loops of the silver beading!

Silver Beading – Link

I wasn’t sure about adding the ribbon this year but felt the tree needed that little bit of extra gold, once it was on I loved it!

Ribbon – eBay Link


I wanted a great big white fur tree skirt but realised they cost an absolute fortune, so ordered a piece of white fur fabric (2.5m) and draped it across the bottom – it looks all snowy and wintry!

White Fur – eBay Link

Finally I lined up my LED presents along the bottom!

Gold Presents – Link

Silver Presents were from Aldi last year but similar can be found here- eBay Link


And here’s the complete tree look – winter wonderland with silver and gold 🙂

Flocked Tree – Link

Twig Trees – eBay Link

Stag Cushion – Link

Plenty more of my decor to come yet and I can’t wait to see all of your Christmas decor this year too!!

Lots of Love


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