DIY Christmas Snow Flocking

Halloween is almost here and that means Christmas decor is just around the corner in this house! I’ve fallen in love with the snowy winter wonderland look this year and bought a brand new stunning tree to be the focal point.


It’s so full and absolutely gorgeous – I can’t wait to decorate it soon!

Christmas Tree – Link

But the brand new theme means that all of my garlands, smaller trees and wreath aren’t going to match – so I decided to flock them! I searched high and low to find a UK snow flock and finally found something 🙂


Adhesive Snow – eBay Link


The first step is to cover the work surface and fluff out the garland.


Spray a thin mist of water over part of the garland (bottle supplied with the above snow).


Using a sieve sift the snow powder over the top, creating thicker parts (I found it easier to tip it over the top of the sieve for thicker parts)


Then sprinkle a little of the supplied glitter to create a dewy just snowed look!


Then leave to dry and the snow will harden and set!

Adhesive Snow – eBay Link


Super simple and so effective – I’ll be covering all of my garlands and mini trees soon! Stay tuned for Christmas decor in the next few weeks 🙂

Details on the garlands above can be found on these posts:

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Of course, if you don’t have a garland already and want a flocked one, the one above is gorgeous and baubles etc could be added to it!

Garland – Link

Lots of festive love


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