How to Always Have a Clean Home

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is “how do you keep your house so clean?” – the answer is simpler than you might think! I swear by doing a little bit of cleaning each day and using simple hacks to make life easier in order to keep it looking spotless every single day.

I don’t have a strict cleaning routine (surprising I know!) but each week I like to have a plan, let’s take this week as an example:

Monday – Bathroom deep clean (clean the shower screens, taps, sanitary ware and floors)

Tuesday – Vacuum the sofas and under furniture

Wednesday – Dust everywhere including light pendants

ThursdaySteam all the floors

Friday –  Polish glass and mirrors

Saturday – Oven deep clean

Sunday – Wash carpets and complete all laundry ready for the week ahead

There are also tasks that I complete daily – it’s like second nature now I barely even think about it before doing it – each day I make the bed, vacuum the floors, wipe the kitchen surfaces, wash up, wipe or steam the kitchen floor, put everything back in its place and fluff the sofa cushions! Most of this is done in the evening after we’ve cleared dinner away and it takes all of 10 minutes but means that I’m always on top of it.

I tend to leave the more time consuming tasks for the weekend when I have more time but because I’ve done little bits during the week it means I’m not spending the entire day/weekend cleaning!

That’s a basic overview of how I get my cleaning done, so lets move on to some tips and tricks!


Give everything a home

Make sure that everything in your home has a purpose and a place that it “lives” – it’s easier to tidy up each day if you know where it’s supposed to be.

Never underestimate how much a label can help ensure things go back where they belong, even my fridge containers are labelled and it’s ensured everything is put back where it should be!

Get your other half/kids involved

Give other people who live in your house tasks – put the dishes away, wipe the tables etc, simple things that will get them involved and relieve some of the stress from you! Over the years Mr R automatically knows which little things need doing each day and will just do them – once you’re used to living a certain way it becomes routine!


Make the bed in the morning

It’s all about having the tidy mindset, get in to the routine of making the bed properly first thing in the morning, it helps to motivate your brain in to a tidier lifestyle – just having the bed neatly made will make your bedroom look instantly tidier and cleaner too.

Take the vacuum in to your daily routine

I tend to walk my vacuum cleaner with me around the house on my way up to bed as I check the rooms, giving everywhere a quick vacuum, then walk it around upstairs in the morning before bringing it back down to repeat that evening – I’m already doing that final walk before bed so taking a vacuum with me isn’t much more work – it helps keep my floors squeaky clean.



Keep cleaning products near to where you need them

As far as possible I try to keep the items I will need the most near where I need them, for example under the kitchen sink I’ve got limescale remover, kitchen sprays and granite cleaners, or a glass e-cloth in my dressing table, or bathroom cleaner and bleach in the bathroom cabinets. It just makes life easier when they’re right there and you can quickly do the task before moving on.

Duplicate your most used products on different floors

I don’t know about you but when I’m upstairs and notice that the tap needs some limescale remover I often can’t be bothered to go downstairs to get the product and do it so put it off until later (lazy I know haha!) but I’ve found that since I’ve duplicated my most used products on both floors (limescale remover, bleach, dettol wipes, zoflora and cloths) I tackle things I notice quickly and don’t let them build up! I also tend to keep a vacuum on each floor for the same reason!


Use oven liners to minimise oven cleaning

If you’ve followed me for a while you would’ve heard me mention this over and over but it honestly works! I use an oven liner in the bottom of my ovens to catch all the spills and just simply wash it as needed – this means I spend minimal time cleaning the rest of the oven and racks instead of scrubbing burnt on food!

Do the washing up while waiting for your food to cook or soon after

I tend to chuck all the equipment that can go in the dishwasher in there while preparing dinner and wash the rest while my food is cooking/simmering – that just leaves me a pan or tray normally to deal with after! Little things like this just save time and makes the washing up seem less of a big task.

Start with an empty dishwasher when entertaining

When we have friends or family over I always make sure we have an empty dishwasher – that means I can just pile things in there throughout the evening and the kitchen will remain neat!

Wipe the kitchen worktops as you go along

I use dettol wipes or disinfectant spray on the worktops after I’ve finished with them each evening – a quick wipe and the whole kitchen instantly looks cleaner. Keeping the kitchen worktops as clutter free as possible also makes it easier to keep them clean and looks neater.

Clean up spills as they happen

This ties in with the above a little but ensuring that spills are cleaned up straight away makes it easier to get them out, once a stain has set or hardened it’s normally a lot harder to remove! It takes seconds to wipe it up as soon as you see it and saves time scrubbing in the long run!


Laundry bags for each person in a convenient place

Clothes belong in the wardrobe or in the laundry – not strewn all across the room! We have a laundry bag in each wardrobe so that at the end of each day we can chuck it straight in there ready to be washed.

Have somewhere to put post when it arrives and sort it the same day

Letters and junk mail can quickly build up if it’s left – we have post holder in the study and separate it each day, junk mail in the bin and the rest in the filing cabinet if needed.

Use a shower spray after each shower to minimise limescale build up

We use a Mr Muscle daily shower spray after each shower on the glass and tiles, which effectively minimises limescale building on them.

Spray baths/sinks/showers in the morning and soak while making the bed

I like to spray cleaning products on the bathrooms on a morning and leave them to soak for 5 minutes while I make the bed, I can then come back and give it a quick scrub and rinse away with minimal effort.


Fluff your pillows after using them

This goes for sofa cushions and bed pillows too – giving them a whack each day keep them in shape. Each evening I put the sofa cushions back in place before going to bed, which keeps the room neat.

Do a final walk around before bed

Every evening I have the same routine, I walk around each room making sure that everything is neat and tidy, move things back where they live and check all the doors are locked. I honestly believe that a tidy home creates a tidy mind, knowing that everything is neat and tidy before bed helps me unwind and go up to bed relaxed.

Make the most of the space you have and organise it

Think about the space you have and make the most of it – choose footstools that double up as storage, add shelves to empty cupboards or add storage systems to the inside of cupboard doors.


Invest in good storage systems

The cube shelves under our stairs are so neat and organised, as well as our new wrapping system in the study – this again adds to ensuring that everything has a home.

Declutter frequently

If you don’t use it, need it or like it, it’s time for it to go! Go through your wardrobes, accessories and cupboards regularly and get rid of anything that’s just taking up space for no reason – having lots of stuff you don’t need or use will just lead to clutter.

Don’t make excuses

Lastly, it’s very easy to let excuses get in your way – whether that be that you don’t have time/ you have kids/ your other half etc – but block them out, there’s always a few extra minutes in the day if you’re willing to find them!

What are your favourite cleaning hacks?

Happy tidying 🙂

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Lots of love


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