Shark Cordless Vacuum Review

Just when you thought Shark couldn’t get any better they release this incredible looking range of cordless vacuums! I was so excited when asked to review one, so here are my honest thoughts!

We had only used cordless vacuums for years before getting the Shark NV800UKT (read about that one here) which made me realise just how little my old vacuums were doing, so I was intrigued to see how this would compare.

Shark Cordless Range – Link

Appearance wise it looks very similar to my previous cordless vacuums – modern and compact. It maintains Shark’s sleek signature look and colour schemes.

They’ve also got a pink one, which colour-wise is my fave! – Link

It was really simple to assemble out of the box too, just click the motor, stick and head together and you’re ready to go (well after the batteries are fully charged at least!)

The first thing that I noticed was the LED control on the motor, one of my biggest bugbears on my previous vacuums was having to hold the button down all the way around the house (I was even resorting to using velcro ties to hold it down instead before we changed to the corded Shark!) and thankfully Shark have come up trumps with just a button to start and stop – it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

There are also buttons to swap from hard floor to carpet and from normal to maximum suction, which is also hugely welcome instead of having to faff about with different heads!

The filters are also clearly identified and easy to access to clean – just rinse with warm water and leave to fully dry before popping back in.

The dust and dirt builds up in the small bin on the motor and is easily emptied with a single button.

I will say that the bin is a convenient size for quick cleans, as with most cordless bins, but is pretty small and can fill up quickly! I normally carry an empty carrier bag around while vacuuming with a cordless to empty as I go along.

Now this feature is just ingenius – two batteries that can easily be swapped so you don’t have to stop half way around the house! So annoying when our previous vacuums would just stop working half way up the stairs with minimal indication.

The Shark cordless batteries also have indicator lights so you can see how much of the battery is left as you’re vacuuming.

The two batteries are charged on a dock together which has crazily strong suction pads (as I realised trying to get them off of my worktops!).

As with my corded Shark, the cordless also has the headlights! I love this feature as it means I can see under furniture and all the dust shows up – plus I must admit I just like how cool it looks lit up!

Yet another brilliant feature is the flexology – I don’t know about you but I hate having to bend and kneel to get under the beds/sofas to vacuum so this is perfect for cutting that out, one button later it bends in half and you can get under furniture while still standing! (Yes I’m lazy but any little tricks that make cleaning easier are very welcome!)

The head has Shark’s Duo Clean technology, which means that it has two rollers – one for big particles and one for small ones, so that nothing is missed. I was lucky enough to attend the Shark PR day last month and the demonstrator just rolled straight over cheerios without lifting the head up which would’ve sold it to me on it’s own haha! (If you’ve got a different brand of cordless give that a go and you’ll see it just pushes it along until you lift the head up and over – I did come home and try!!)

I’m going to call this another genius feature again (I know I’m repeating the word but it is!) this is called PARK your SHARK, yes I keep saying that over and over now! It folds over for easy storage and to safely stand when not in use, I’ve never seen another cordless do this, they’re normally only tall and fall over if you try to balance against a wall!

The cordless also comes with an ever stylish Shark tote bag and some attachments – the dusting attachment is my particular fave!

So lastly the question I’m sure you’re all actually wanting the answer to – What is the suction like?

I don’t believe you can get the same suction from any cordless as you can from a corded anyway, but as far as cordless suction goes, Shark are still miles ahead.

The normal mode gives you great suction, which is still better than my previous cordless vacuums, however the max mode gives you suction more similar to the corded version (this does however use the battery quicker!).


Shark have thought of everything when designing this and the features combined with the suction make this a convenient and value for money cordless. If you’re after a cordless, you won’t be disappointed with this!

See the new Shark Cordless range here – Link

and use MrsrackleyCC10 for 10% off the cordless range until 8th October!

Happy vacuuming 🙂

Lots of love


*This product was sent to me for the purpose of a review but all opinions are 100% my own.

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