The Secrets to Great Interior Lighting

An area of interior décor that is often overlooked is interior lighting – it’s easy to underestimate the effect that good lighting can have! Those of you that are familiar with my home will know that I love nothing more than statement chandeliers, pretty lamps, LED light strips and candles to create cosiness.

Lights play a huge part in the overall look of a room, as an example look at my hallway over time:

These lamps are a recent addition but have already transformed the space by creating an atmosphere. The lamps were from Homebase but have disappeared, a similar style can be found here – Link.

Statement Pieces

A statement chandelier or light fitting in the middle of a room instantly adds interest, especially when it’s sparkly I find!

The one in the above hallway is from Next and everybody comments on it the moment they walk in the door – it’s quite something! Ritz Light – Link.

Have a look at some of these beauties too (click the photo to take you to the item)

Strategic Lighting

Some spaces will require extra lighting for practicality or to make a space look brighter – such as a study or under kitchen cupboards, but practical doesn’t have to mean boring!

Choose pieces that compliment the room and stand out rather than look out of place.


My new study lamp from Matalan has fit my study perfectly, it’s like it was made for it! This room needed a lamp to complete the “working space” feel and also to create light where the shelves create shadow.

Rose Gold and Marble Lamp – Link

On the subject of Matalan, have you seen their new lighting range? All the heart eyes!! See it here!

Layer Lighting

In the same way that you would layer accessories (think cushions on top of throws or rugs over carpets) layer your lighting!

A statement ceiling light accompanied by strategically placed table lamps, floor lamps or novelty lighting will add further dimension to the room and also allow you to adjust the mood by putting on different combinations of lighting. Particularly in the evenings only having softer lighting on will create a cosier atmosphere as opposed to having the main lights on or no lights at all.

In the kitchen we have the main spotlights, under cupboard spotlights, plinth spotlights and LED lighting which can all be turned on together for full effect or separately!


Use lighting to highlight furniture in your home, such as LED lighting behind the TV or fairy lights around your mirrors/windows. This will add further interest to them and again create a warm glow when they’re on.

Read more about TV lighting here.

Our patio doors are pretty dull on their own but bring on Christmas time and they’re a starry back drop!

Find my star lights on this post here.


Fairy lights around this big mirror in the hallway also create a cosy atmosphere and a add a little sparkle! The same can be done around bed frames, photo frames or on shelves.

Fairy Lights – Link

Matchy Matchy

Now you don’t need the lamp shades to be an exact colour match to the room but choosing a colour that matches the overall theme of the room will ensure they don’t look out of place while also acting as a decor piece!

Take this floor lamp in my lounge as an example – it isn’t an exact colour match but a complimentary neutral shade.

Don’t let the lamp shade on a lamp put you off either, they can easily be swapped, just like in the above photo! I wasn’t so keen on the shade that came with the base so changed it!

See my lounge tour for info on this lamp here.

Get the Hue Right

Another thing is to keep the different types of lighting in the room the same tone, it can look odd otherwise!


For example, all the lights, lamps and fairy lights in my home are warm white in each room except the kitchen where all of the lighting is cool white!

Dimmer Switches

We don’t actually have any dimmer switches yet but this is a classic interior lighting trick – using a dimmer switch to create atmosphere and make the room cosier!

Find dimmer switches here.

Hang Low

Again, another classic trick that we are yet to implement is hanging a statement light lower to create a focal point such as over dining tables or beds.

I’ve got my eye on this one for our bedroom!

Cavendish Chandelier – Link

Have you got any other lighting tricks and tips? Share them below!

Lots of love

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