How to Install Artificial Grass

In case you missed it, we have just had artificial grass installed in our garden and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! We did most of the prep work ourselves and had fitters in to finalise and fit the grass itself, so I’m going to talk you through each step below!


I have been dreaming of artificial grass for years now but Mr R was always completely against it. That is until a few months ago when I ordered over 50 samples and he finally agreed that artificial grass had advanced a long way and actually could look/feel pretty realistic!

After weeks of mulling over piles of samples, sitting them in the sun, stroking them, standing on them bare foot etc. we found the PERFECT one – the Fiji from Grosvenor Grass – it’s the softest artifical grass and stood out from the rest! Try a sample and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

So anyway, artificial grass chosen and fitting date of one month later set! Grosvenor Grass offer DIY supply only, fitting or full service, we went with the fitting option and did the base work ourselves.


Firstly, we hired a turf cutter from a local hire shop and set to work stripping the existing area of lawn we had – you can see from the state of the grass how much we sucked at looking after the real stuff (who needs that hassle anyway haha!)

The turf cutter was great and cut the grass in to long strips which were easy to roll up and dispose of.


Grass all cleared, we then set to work clearing the stone section at the back.


Once we ended up with a clear space, we filled the floor with Type 1 MOT sub base (3cm deep) to create a strong foundation.

Type 1 MOT (bulk) – Link


We hired a giant roller from the local hire shop and used this to compact the base.


A wooden frame should have been put down first and staked in to place. (I will admit that we didn’t do this stage properly, so the guys from Grosvenor Grass very kindly rectified this for us on fitting day!!)


We then rolled out a layer of weed membrane, which will stop weeds from growing through and also allow drainage when it rains.

Weed Membrane – Link

We used the square pegs that came with the membrane to secure the membrane to the floor.


We ensured that the joins overlapped and pegged all the way around the edge and middle until the floor was completely covered.


We then started adding sharp sand on top of the membrane – this stage was hard work I have to say but it didn’t help that the area had steps! We found it much more cost effective to bulk order the sand.

Sharp Sand (bulk) – Link


We used the roller (same as above) to compact the sand down.


The grass arrived in a giant roll that weighed something like 400kg! We had fun moving that to a safe place I can assure you haha!


Fitting day arrived and although to our untrained eye the base above looked ok, the fitters from Grosvenor Grass spent some time levelling the ground out to perfection and filling gaps in the sand. I can’t recommend hiring professionals for the fitting part enough – they do this day in day out so can see any issues before it’s too late!


The Grosvenor Grass fitters also used a vibrating compactor to compress the sand again – we should’ve hired one of those in the first place!


Once they were fully happy with the base, they unrolled the grass out on the drive then cut the size they needed for the first piece.


This was the first piece rolled up and ready to put down!


The first piece was laid out on the floor and pulled in to position.


They used a stanley knife to trim the excess edges.


Then used a nail gun to fix the edges to the wood frame below.


The first piece was laid and you can see the comparison with the fitted piece and base above.


They added the second piece and fluffed the edges until the join looked almost invisible.


They continued to trim and nail all the way around (3 pieces in total were used).


Once all pieces were in the right position and edges nailed down (with a small gap left free near each seam) they added joining tape along the seam and added green glue to it They then pressed the seam shut and nailed the edges down.


Finally, they used a special grass brush to fluff the grass up and help the seams blend. This looked like they were trimming the grass with bits flying everywhere! The cuttings were then cleared up and that was it!!


Here’s a close up of the fantastic Fiji grass we had laid – looks so realistic!!


I’m sure you’ll agree that Grosvenor Grass did an amazing job and that the artificial grass has completely transformed our garden!

Grosvenor Grass are also offering 10% off the Fiji grass to all my readers with RACKLEY10

We were advised to stay off of it overnight until the glue set, so I can’t wait to get out there and vacuum it soon 🙂

Lots of love


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