Another short fire round of Q&A – the 2017 edition!


Q- Would you consider making YouTube videos?

This is actually something I’ve been contemplating lately. I’m often asked how I make my beds and the best way to show this is probably a video – so watch this space!

Q- What’s your favourite room in your house?

It’s still got to be my lounge! I just love the calm in this room and the way all of the furnishings just work together.

Q – How do you make your beds so perfectly?

I think the key to them is good white bedding that  irons well – I’ve recently bought three different types of bedding and my fave so far is this one (it’s not non-iron but I’d say it was easy iron!).  I then fold a small part of the top over and smooth down – then go back and carefully pull the pillows upright, before adding the cushions and throw! I think I will make a quick video soon demonstrating one bed.

Q – What is your weekly cleaning regime/routine?

I still don’t have a strict regime (which might be surprising to some of you who know how organised I am!) but I do certain things each day like vacuuming, wiping the kitchen counters down, wiping or steaming the kitchen floor, fluffing the cushions, polishing my dressing table/mirror and then set a task for each day, with a bigger task on the weekend, to keep on top of it – for example this week:

Monday – daily tasks + clean bathrooms

Tuesday – daily tasks + dust and polish (+bin clean)

Wednesday – daily tasks + bathroom cleaning

Thursday – daily tasks + clean kitchen cupboards/appliances

Friday – daily tasks + steam floors and sofas

Saturday – daily tasks + oven clean and windows (bigger tasks)

Sunday – daily tasks + laundry

I use my cleaning schedule printable to make a plan each week.

Q- Do you do a full house clean every day, every other day?

I rarely do full house cleans in one day to be honest – see above for example week! I normally do full house cleans in one go after we’ve been away or we have special visitors (or Style at Home mag haha!)

Q – How many bedrooms do you have?

We have 4 bedrooms in total – one is currently a dual purpose room that I use as my dressing room.

Q- When you started your Instagram, did you think it would be as big as it is?

Not in a million years! This page started as a personal account sharing random photos, then I discovered the home interior world by chance, shared a few of my own photos and somehow it just grew! I’m grateful to each and every person that takes the time to read my posts and like my photos – hearing that I’ve inspired someone makes me so so happy!

Q – What’s your fave Zoflora?

I love most of them – my current favourite has to be Bluebell Woods. This changes so often though as they bring new scents out – the new Lavendar Escape is also lovely!

Q – How do you air a bedroom to get rid of lingering smells?

Nothing beats traditional opening windows to create a cross-breeze to air a room out. I also like to put a small bowl of hot water with a bit of Zoflora in to change the smell in the room!

Q – How do you stay so organised?

I’m not sure I know how to be any other way now – on the odd occasion I’ve been in to Asda without a shopping list I spend ages flapping about and it’s so unproductive!

Practically, I use my home organisation printables – particularly my monthly meal planning and grocery lists to ensure that dinner is taken care of each night, it really does make life easier not having to stress about what to cook and if we have the ingredients in the house for 4 weeks at a time.

I also search for new organisation ideas on Pinterest – there can always be a new and better way to organise a space! Once a space is sorted in to an order, its easy to maintain it in the long run e.g. if the baskets are all labelled, everyone knows exactly where everything goes.

Q – How did you find a husband who’s just as house proud as you?

I’m not sure he would fully agree with that haha! Let’s just say he’s had some “training” over the years. Once we moved in to this house, everything was given somewhere to live and he’s got used to where they belong – I’m still often having to give him little reminders though!! The labels on all my organisation solutions also help – following a label is easy and doesn’t require much thought!

Q – Can you tell us a little more about you and Mr R?

We’ve been together for nearly 9 years (married almost 4) and met through the world of Girl Guiding/Scouts. We had our honeymoon in Mexico and have been hooked to the place ever since, nowhere will compare – I don’t like lots of trinkets around but will make exceptions for things that remind us of there!

I hate making a solid decision, which is where Mr R comes in – I lay out the options and he picks the answer, a lot of our decor has worked this way!

Mr R has self-taught himself all of the DIY he knows from wallpapering to basic electrics to plumbing – he loves learning new stuff and I love coming up with new projects so it works well!

We both love Christmas time! For those that are new to my page, Christmas decorations come out in November in this house so we can enjoy the festivities for longer! We have a yearly late night tradition of putting our decor up while watching films late in to the night and we love it!

Q – How to take amazing photos and upload them?

I use my iPhone for photos so they probably aren’t as good as they could be, but I like to take photos when it’s light outside if possible to get the best lighting, choose a focal point and ensure that nothing random is poking out.

I then use Instragram to add the Valencia filter (and tone it down to 10-30 transparency rather than full filter), then play with the brightness, contrast, warmth and sharpness until the lighting is right.

Q – If someone has no organisation at all, where do you start?

In terms of meal planning, I would start with one week first – try my home organisation printables and work through the grocery list and meal planning advice for one week, then build up.

For organising cupboards, I’d start with one kitchen cupboard first! Pull everything out, get some baskets if they would fit, split the items from that cupboard in groups, add labels and start putting things back in to the relevant section. Be ruthless and chuck out anything you haven’t used for 6 months/don’t need. Then slowly work through the cupboards and spaces in your home that you want to organise – work on one cupboard/space at a time to not become overwhelmed. Once it’s done you’ll want to do more!

Q – Where do you get inspiration from?

I still love looking through show home photos on rightmove for ideas if I need a boost! I love an interior magazine, browsing Pinterest is a new one for me but it’s proving useful and also Instagram has become a big source for inspiration.

Sometimes I just like to walk around stores like B&M or Next to see what home accessories they have in which can inspire new decor or styles.

Q – What do you use to clean your fireplace?

I use dettol spray and a general purpose e-cloth.

Q – Do you have any DIY projects in the pipeline?

I’m always adding new DIY projects to my list! The utility room is one that really needs doing (we’ve been trying to get round to that for over a year now!). We’ve got plenty more to do in the garden first though. Bit more wallpapering coming up soon too!

Q – What are you going to do when it’s all done?

I’d be surprised if I ever felt it was all done! Just when I think I’ve finished a room, I get another idea and change it around or pester Mr R for a new DIY item! At some point we will be starting a family though, so I suppose that will take over!

Q – How much time do you spend on cleaning?

I spend about an hour each night and around 2-3 hours extra at the weekend. I try to spread it out so it doesn’t feel like a big chore.

Q – How to get rid of pet odours?

I don’t have pets so can’t say from experience! I would suggest trying the pet-safe Zoflora and washing carpets and fabric furniture often.

Q- If you were starting from scratch where would you begin first?

I would love to actually properly do our kitchen, as much as I love it- that was the first room we tackled when we moved in with cosmetic changes (I’m talking the same day!) but I’ve always dreamt of having a huge kitchen island. One day we will probably do our kitchen properly with a new layout incorporating a big long kitchen island!

Q – What’s best for a glass extractor?

I use Mr Sheen to clean the dust off and use a glass e-cloth to polish it – I still swear by e-cloths, they work a treat!

Q – What would you recommend for toy storage?

We don’t have any at the moment but I’m actually really looking forward to creating a playroom when the time comes! I love the idea of using cube storage with pretty boxes to keep it all neatly away. I’m also thinking a built in cupboard for the bigger stuff!

Q – How do you clean the stubborn bits in your shower cubicle?

I love my sonic scrubber for getting in those nooks, failing that I buy cheap toothbrushes and use those for cleaning! My fave limescale product is the limsecale remover from Teepol – super strong, nothing can withstand it!

Q – Do you have a colour scheme for your whole house or do you do each room separately?

All rooms either have a grey or beige theme at the moment, most walls are pure brilliant white with a neutral feature wall. I prefer to keep the bigger furnishings and walls neutral, and change the accessories when I get bored easily. It’s also very show home inspired to keep to a neutral backdrop with bits of colour and great accessories – I particularly love a statement mirror!

Q – Do you have any tips on steam cleaning a sofa?

I use my Shark pocket lite for that – it comes with lots of attachments including one that works great for furniture. It delivers drier steam that doesn’t soak the sofa but ensures that all the germs are obliterated!

To actually wash the sofa I chuck the cushion covers in the washing machine on hand wash function or use the fabric attachment on my Vax carpet cleaner to wash it.

Q – How do you clean your chandeliers?

I normally vacuum them with the dusting attachment on my vacuum to keep the dust off and use a little glass cleaning solution and a glass e-cloth to polish them. They would be a nightmare to remove to clean all the time! I’ve also been told that using a clean sock on your hand (like a puppet) works well for polishing it!

Q – What part of the world do you live in?

We live in a lovely village in the UK.

Q – Where is the best place to get cushions for the bedroom?

Most of mine have come from B&M, eBay or Next!

Q – What do you recommend for cleaning ovens that don’t have oven liners?

Have a read of my oven cleaning blog post for a deep clean and if you don’t have oven liners, would highly recommend getting them to cut your oven cleaning task in half!

I like the Teepol oven cleaner and Astonish oven cleaning paste for general oven cleans – for a big clean use the method in the above post. Give the oven a quick wipe after each use (once cooled down) to reduce build up.

Q – Do you secretly have a junk room?

No junk room in this house! Nearest thing to that is Mr R’s garage where he has free reign – although he actually put storage boxes in part of it with labels without any interference from me – must be rubbing off on him haha!

Q – When will we see your garden?

Very soon! Our artificial grass from Grosvenor Grass (we’ve gone for their super soft and really realistic Fiji grass!) is due to be installed in two weeks, so the garden needs to be almost ready by then – we’re working really hard to get it ready in time!

The glass panel part will come shortly after that hopefully!

Q – What’s next on your wish list?

There’s still plenty I would like in the ideal world – a brand new ensuite with huge shower, a new kitchen with huge island, a small glass bay extension to the lounge to name the bigger projects!

Q – How do you keep your dressing table spotless?

As with glass, I swear by a glass e-cloth! I have one in my dressing table drawer and give it a quick wipe daily to keep it smear free.

Q – What’s the best way to prepare the wood on a staircase for painting?

You can either sand the wood down completely and paint with a gloss paint or use a good primer to avoid having to sand followed by a gloss paint – We actually need to do this soon and will probably be using the wilko paints from my painting furniture project.

Q – Do you hire a carpet cleaner?

We hire the Rug Doctor once or twice a year for deep cleans but have recently bought a Vax carpet cleaner which means that I have the machine at home to wash carpets and sofas once a month which has been much easier.

Thank you for submitting all of your questions!

Lots of Love


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