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Last week I had the privilege of having my home photographed for Style at Home magazine! I have to admit before the stylist and photographer arrived I was a mixture of super nervous and super excited – I take photos of my home every day for fun but would it be magazine worthy?!

I spent the whole weekend making Mr R finish little jobs he had put off (including re-grouting the downstairs bathroom, which never ended up being photographed but shh he doesn’t need to know!) and cleaning the house within an inch of its life – although the funny thing is that I’m sure you couldn’t tell the difference once I’d finished anyway but I felt better!


I also went through 3 outfit plan changes and ended up making a last minute dash to Roman Originals to exchange the top I ended up wearing – which I love by the way! My brief for this was to avoid black (which apparently doesn’t look great on camera) and to dress like it was March – luckily the crazy heatwave had long gone that day so it wasn’t too difficult to dress for Spring!


So anyway, the day came and the lovely Laurie Davidson (freelance interior stylist) and the photographer arrived bright and early with a car full of equipment and a bag full of props (think lemons, limes and flowers!). After a quick tour around my house, they set to work on the upstairs rooms!


I think the thing that surprised me the most was just how long each photo took in reality to get right – every shot was carefully angled then dressed to fit the frame, cue endless cushion fluffing and accessory twitching!


Now this part amused me greatly! This was the behind the scenes set up for the shot of my ensuite – when you see the magazine print you honestly cannot imagine that all of this was behind it and that the flash was hiding in the shower cubicle!

This was mid-way through setting up the lounge shot – I had actually expected them to move sofas in this room but we got away with just removing the glass table (they’re hard to photograph) and shuffling my rugs around!

Tip from Laurie was to ensure that items didn’t look like they were growing out of the top of anything!


Now I’m going to admit making a mess at this point! Yes, halfway through the shoot I grabbed the wax warmer behind the sofa forgetting it had been on and proceeded to move it swiftly but in the process pouring half of the contents all across the back of the sofa and cushions!! Few moments of panic and Laurie googling the best way of getting it out, we left it to cool (it will spread if you touch it hot!) and carried on with the shoot.


Bet you can’t tell that there’s wax all over the back of the sofa in this shot!

My mum was dubbed “hair and make-up” for the day and ran in and out this shot fixing my fringe haha!

Tip: Skipping ahead a little for this! After everyone left, I put ice cubes in a freezer bag, held them on the dry wax to harden and used a blunt knife to chip it off – happy to report the sofa is now cleaned up!!


I normally have 8 chairs around this table and the photo was shot with only 4! It was really interesting watching the perspective on the screen of the 4 chairs filling the table.

Laurie also gave another tip at this point – corners of rugs (or even throws or fabric!) are often pulled in to the corner of shots to add interest!


After a spot of lunch it was time to style the kitchen to look effortless! You can see Laurie at work above creating the “I’ve just casually chopped lemons and limes” look.


You’ll notice that none of these shots have the lights on in them, which was another interesting thing for me as I normally put lots of lights on to take photos – I’ve since been experimenting with taking photos without lights and brightening them!

So after this second posed shot my work was done and I could relax – so strange being the one in front of the camera, I’m normally always behind it!


Last room to be photographed was our study/home office – I actually loved the way Laurie styled the desk here and have been playing around with accessories in shots since!

After that shot it was a wrap! Around 5-6 hours of photographing and about 18 great photos – phew! The sneak peaks I got to see on the photographers screen just looked amazing – I’m so excited to see the final shots 🙂

This issue will be hitting the shelves in February 2018, so make sure you grab a copy!


In the meantime, I have some other exciting news! In the next few weeks I will be joining Style at Home for the Christmas Tree Challenge – I’m really looking forward to it, you all know how obsessed with Christmas I am! Christmas in August?.. Yes please!! This issue is due out in December.

So keep your eyes peeled for sneak peaks from that shoot too!

Lots of Love

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  1. Always love your posts Mrs Rackley! Can’t believe Style Magazine shot your beautiful house, be proud 😀 Can’t wait to see the pages printed in the magazine! xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Can’t wait for it to come out and can’t wait to decorate a tree in August hehe 🙂 xx

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