Home Tour: Guest Room 2

I’ve been waiting to share this room until I’d finally tackled that brown furniture and finally it’s been painted!

This room has been through so many mini makeovers now but I’ve settled on neutral metallics (for now at least haha!).

The duvet cover is in a sand colour:

Duvet Cover (sand) – Link

The middle cushions were from B&M and the front cushions from Primark – these were a few years ago though!

Middle Gem Cushion (similar) – eBay Link

Gold Sequin Cushion (similar) – eBay Link

The throw was a recent purchase- I went for the largest size to make sure it hung over the sides of the bed!

Throw – eBay Link

The rug under the bed was a bargain!

Rug (sand beige) – eBay Link

The lamps are from eBay,they’re touch lamps which means they turn on and off just by tapping them! I swapped the lamp shades to the Argos basics beige ones to match the room.

Lamps – eBay Link

Lamp Shade – Link

The mirror was from B&M but isn’t on their website!

Curtains (gold) – eBay Link

Blinds – eBay Link


The wallpaper really makes this room, those of you who have been following me for a while will have seen the huge difference it made to this room when it was put up!

Wallpaper (in champagne) – Link

See my Wallpapering blog post HERE to teach yourself how to paper – it’s easier than you’d think!


The wardrobes and beside cabinets in this room have also recently been painted from a dark brown colour to white – it’s brightened the entire room up!

See my painting furniture blog post HERE for how to paint furniture!

Only a handful of spaces left for my home tours – will share them soon!

Lots of Love

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