Garden Project (Part 1)

We’ve hardly touched our garden since moving in to this house but have now taken on the huge task of turning it in to an Ideal Home Show worthy space! Now for someone who is not even slightly green-fingered this is going to be one serious challenge.. so I’m going to talk you through part 1 of our project!

img_5292.pngThis photo will give you some idea of what it was like to start with, huge shed to one side, decking along behind that, a small patch of grass in the middle and lots of big trees! The neighbours trimmed away the middle tree when we first moved in which let more light in.

img_4974The raised patio area has our rattan sofa set – which is definitely the area we use the most out there.

This exact set was from Primrose but has been discontinued. Similar can be found here:

Garden Sofa Set – eBay Link


The patio area also houses our clever cube dining set which has footstools hidden in the chairs, which creates extra seating and also a space to store the cushions the rest of the time. It all then folds away in to a neat cube!

Cube Dining Set – eBay Link

Cantilever Parasol – eBay Link

A great big gas BBQ was a must for us too!

Gas BBQ (similar to this one) – eBay Link

img_5530We then trimmed back the huge tree to the right, which created that great big pile in the middle as well as starting #treegate but that’s a whole other story! The middle of the tree is supposed to grow again now that it has light and fill out to cover the stumps, but hopefully as we’ve cut the branches that grew across the garden it shouldn’t be as bad!


We then set about demolishing the brick shed! This required a sledge hammer and crow bar.

Sledge Hammer – Link

img_5322A huge pile of breeze block was left behind!


We borrowed a jack hammer from a family member to break up the concrete floor too!

img_5349Then we set about ripping up all the old decking! Again using a sledge hammer and crow bar!

img_5531And already it started to look so much bigger out there!

img_5622Multiple trips to the dump later we had an almost blank canvas to work with! The breeze blocks left over from the brick shed are being re-purposed around the edges to create a raised flower bed all the way around!

img_5620It was then time for paint testing! The left is Cuprinol silver birch, middle is Cuprinol Dusky Gem and the right is Homebase own brand Smoky Slate. We went for the middle one.

Cuprinol Dusky Gem on sale here – Link

img_5827We ordered enough fence panels and trellis’s to go all the way around the border so it looked uniform and painted it over a few evenings/weekends.

Fence Panels (we got 6ft x 6ft) – eBay Link

Trellis (we got the 6ft x 1ft) – eBay Link

The left is one coat and the right is two coats.

img_5825Mr R used a combination of wood posts and metal fence support spikes to create a secondary frame around the garden to hold the posts in place. We didn’t replace the boundary fences but instead created a second layer of panels that all matched.

Fence Support Spikes – Link


We continued adding panels all the way around the edge and used a piece of treated wood strip in between each panel to create a border.

We also needed a way to conceal the mismatched trellis’s on the back neighbours fence so decided to create an artificial hedge!

img_6399So I ordered a hedge roll which is actually made of 25cm square pieces that clip together, which meant that we could unclip it and spread it out as needed.

Hedge Roll – eBay Link


Mr R created a frame using more of the treated wood strip and corner brackets to support the hedge and screwed these to the posts either side of the fence panels.


The frame was built to the height we needed to hide the trellis behind.


He then used the holes in the hedge pieces to screw them to the wood frame.

img_6423The trellis was then put back in front and this is what it ended up like – much nicer than before! We’ve ordered a few more pieces of hedge to fill the gap at either end!

img_6431-1And this is our progress so far!

The next steps for us are to build the raised white rendered flower beds, plant flowers, add artificial grass in the middle and then change the small brick walls to glass panels – so watch this space for part 2!

Lots of Love

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  1. It looks fabulous, but isn’t it too tall now? I’m fairly sure that boundary fences shouldn’t be over 6ft tall (certainly where I live). Knowing how difficult your neighbours have been you don’t want to give them something else to complain about x

  2. Your blog posts are brilliant mrs rackley. You’re so helpful including links for everything, thank you 😊

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