Wireless TV Mounting

One of my most frequently asked questions is “how have you put your TV on the wall without any wires” so I thought it was about time to do a little post explaining how we did it! I love hidden TV cables, it makes the TV look far neater!


Firstly, our lounge is next to the kitchen and our TV boxes are located and plugged in to a kitchen cupboard behind it.

We drilled a cylinder shaped hole in the wall and used a cable grommet on either side to hold the cables through the wall.

Cable Grommet – eBay Link

You could also opt for a square or rectangular version:
Square Grommet – eBay Link

The power for the boxes is next door too.

We then used an infrared extender kit which has a sensor that sits behind the TV at the bottom which allows us to control the boxes from the lounge. The sensors that connect to the box terminal are bonded in front of the infrared sensor on the box you are connecting to.

Infrared kit – eBay Link


You can find out how to do the coloured lights around the TV on this post HERE.

If you don’t have the option of using the space behind your TV then some alternatives to consider:

Video Sender
Another way is to use a HDMI video sender,it plugs in to your TV and the box and wirelessly connects them.

HDMI Video Sender – eBay Link

Down the Wall
Similar to the method above, if you have a gap in the wall behind the TV, make a hole behind the TV for one grommet and another at the bottom of the wall under the TV, then thread the cables down and out of the bottom hole.

Grommets as above – square ones will probably work better for this:

Square Grommet – eBay Link

Watch this video for a detailed description – Link

Use plastic trunking down the middle of the wall under the TV to keep the cables tidy and concealed

White Trunking – eBay Link

See this photo for how it works – Link

Build a Storage Wall
You could build an artificial chimney breast style wall which has concealed compartments for your boxes and cables.

Hope that was helpful!

Lots of Love
Mrs Rackley xx

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