The BEST Vacuum!

I know I've mentioned this vacuum in my New Home Buys April post but it warrants a whole post just to itself, especially as it's currently on sale! – the Shark Clean NV800UKT is hands down the best vacuum I've ever used in my life! It may sound crazy to be this excited over a vacuum cleaner but for someone that vacuums daily it's a pretty important gadget!


Shark NV800UKT – Link

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My favourite feature on this vacuum has to be the one button swap between hard floors and carpets – can't get any easier than that!

I never had hoover tracks on my carpets using my old Dyson's but now I get carpet tracks every time without fail – not a patch on this beast!

It also comes with handy headlights that show up any dirt or dust that you might have missed, plus it looks good!

Another fantastic feature is the lift away function which allows you to carry the main body and vacuum the stairs, under furniture and above furniture with ease!

I also love that it has space to keep two of the attachments on the back of the machine itself! It saves space and ensures they're always on hand when needed!

Make sure you check out the Shark sale – it's got huge savings!!

Shark Sale – Link

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. Can I just ask though… did you actually purchase this yourself or was it a freebie in return for social media plugs?

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