Painting Furniture

The dark wood colour of the built in wardrobes in one of our guest bedrooms has been driving me mad since we moved in and this weekend I finally braved painting them white!

Lots of you wanted to know how I did them so here is a step by step!

You will need: 

Primer paint (I used wilko primer)

Cupboard paint (I used wilko furniture paint in white)

A gloss roller and tray

A good paintbrush

Masking tape

Here are the paints I used – I was really impressed with them! They do smell strong so make sure you keep the windows open during and after!

This was what they looked like before. They’re wood but had a plasticy coating on them (like a laminate feel).

I didn’t sand this cupboard, just used the primer.

Stick masking tape along the floor to protect the carpet. You can also use plastic sheeting if you’re not a confident painter.

Using the gloss roller I coated the whole thing in primer first and left to dry for a few hours – the tin says leave for 2-3 days but I’m far too impatient for that and it doesn’t seem to have done any harm so far!

Use a paint brush to fill the areas the roller doesn’t reach but do as much as you can with the roller as it gives the best finish!

After a few hours apply the first coat of furniture paint with the gloss roller and again cover the hard to reach areas with a paint brush.

Repeat the same process on the inside of the doors if desired.

I left this first coat overnight to dry.

The next day (or later!) apply a second coat and leave to dry.

Ensure your layers are thick enough but not much that it’s dripping.

Once dry add your handles back on! The paint fully hardens in 3 days.


  • Use a gloss roller for as much of the cupboard as possible for the smoothest finish
  • Buy a paint brush that guarantees no bristle loss (wilko has them) to avoid having to scrape bristle out of your hard work!
  • Keep the windows open as long as possible
  • Word of warning – the furniture paint is hard to get off your hands so be careful how much you get on them – but in case you do cover your hands in paint (like I managed to!) get someone to pour olive oil and salt on your hands. Rub your hands together then rinse to get it off – it really works!

Happy painting!

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx


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  1. Love it. Your a true inspiration. I’m looking to paint my entire ikea bedroom furniture. Just wondering if the paints unused will be good enough. Keep up the amazing work and continue to inspire people like me x

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