Spice Cupboard

Mr R has been working DIY magic again in the Rackley household! Last weekend he constructed our spice cupboard interior and it’s come out so much better than I expected – so here’s the step by step guide!

You will need:

2 x white laminated chipboard panels (we used these)

1 x white edging panel (optional)

4 x 6mm Dowel rods – eBay Link

Spice Jars – on this blog post here

Tape measure




Angle brackets




  1. Place jar and dowel rod on wood panel and mark out size that you need on each edge of the wood – one piece of wood made two panels for our cupboard. Our panels were 46mm wide. Then  use a saw to cut along the lines you have drawn.


2. Cut the second piece of wood into two panels in the same way as above but 2mm thinner than your side panels – example above.

3. Then cut these panels in to smaller pieces based on the width of shelf you want – ours are 250mm to fit the space we were trying to fill. These panels made 10 shelf spaces. It’s important that the edges of these pieces are cut straight to fit in between the side panels.


4. Then lay your pieces out on the floor and use the spice jars as a guide to space the shelves out equally to fit, with enough room to allow the jar to be pulled out over the dowel rod.

5. Use a tape measure to mark equal spaces on each side of the shelves. Drill a hole on each side where you want the screws to be and use these as a guide to screw the shelves in to place – we used two screws on each side of the shelf.


6. Cut the dowel rod in to equal pieces that will fit across the width of the shelf plus enough to slot in to the wood side panels. Drill holes at equal heights from each shelf panel and insert the dowel rod in to place.


7. Screw the decorative side panel on to match your kitchen (optional).

8. Use angle brackets to screw the shelf to the wall.


9. Lastly, fill with your spice jars and enjoy having them all neatly lined up!

More information on the spice jars can be found here: Link

We will be adding a door to this unit soon and I will update on that later. I hate having things out on show, so a door is a must for the clean lines in our kitchen!

Lots of love
Mrs Rackley xx


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