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We’ve been in our home for nearly 2.5 years now and it’s come such a long way since then! When we first viewed the house it required a fair bit of imagination but I could see the potential the space had, Mr R on the other hand finds it hard to see past the surface. We did a bunch of roomstyler 3D layouts of the rooms until he could see the spaces differently haha!

So my advice for anyone looking at moving now, try to ignore the decor and look at the room shape and size. It’s easy to change the wall colour and furniture but much harder to restructure the rooms themselves!

We did most of the work in each room ourselves (ok, ok, Mr R has done most of it and I’ve mostly planned and supervised it!!) , which has kept costs down but also meant that things have taken longer than hiring someone. Although I must say the feeling of satisfaction at the end of it has been worth it!

Here are some before and afters of our home now compared to the Rightmove photos of the house (this is how the house was with the previous owners when we viewed it back then).

Firstly the kitchen. We started ripping this out the very next day after moving in!

More information on the kitchen on this blog post – Kitchen Tour.

The lounge has to be my favourite room in the house – the colours instantly relax me!

More information on the lounge on this blog post – Lounge Tour.

The other end of this room also has our dining area.

More information on the dining area on this blog post – Dining Room Tour.

This hallway was also a huge selling point for us, as soon as we walked in we could feel the space!

More information on the hallway on this blog post – Hallways Tour.

The downstairs bathroom was also gutted pretty quickly!

Room tour coming soon!

We had half of the double garage converted last year in to an extra room and a small utility area – this was one job we called the professionals in for!

More information on the family room on this blog post – Family Room Tour.

This is the utility room part, which we are still yet to furnish! It’s on my never-ending to-do list!

I don’t have a very good before photo of the study, apart from this snap that I cheekily took when viewing the house!

More information on the study on this blog post – Study Tour.

The lighter bright colours on the landing have opened up this area!

More information on the handmade pelmet on this blog post – Pelmets.

Then we have the master bedroom, which we kept the grey/silver theme in but modernised.

More information on the master bedroom on this blog post – Master Bedroom Tour.

Our ensuite hasn’t changed a huge amount but the floor in here is due to be changed very soon (one of my biggest hates in this house was that floor, it just doesn’t suit the room or my style!!)

Room tour coming soon.

The second bedroom had a face lift with some neutral tones and metallics.

Room tour coming soon.

This guest room also recently got a neutral tone face lift and I’m so so happy with it! I had previously gone for dark purple and beige in here because of some bedding I’d fallen in love with but the neutral tones make this room feel much bigger and more airy.

More information on this guest room on this blog post – Guest Room Tour.

The final bedroom has a dual use at the moment – my dressing room and also a spare bed for guests.

More information on the dressing room on this blog post – Dressing Room Tour.

The main family bathroom is almost finished and has been an ongoing DIY project for a number of months now! I cannot wait for this room to finally be ticked off my list!

Room tour coming soon.

Well that’s the current before and after, there are still lots of projects to be done and if you’re anything like me, by the time I’ve finished an area I’ve had another idea and want to redecorate again, so they certainly won’t be the final afters!

Lots of Love
Mrs Rackley xx

5 thoughts on “Before And After

  1. I follow you on insta and love everything you post , always thought you lived in a new build your house is amazing, love it all just spent all morning looking at your site got some great ideas x

  2. I always thought you lived in a new build! Very impressive! I am super nosey and would love to see your floorplans if possible to see how the house is laid out – it looks huge! xx

  3. Wow 😮 It really has changed quite a bit!! I always try to get my clients to see past some of the cosmetic stuff but only some can really do it! Great stuff.

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