Bathroom Cleaning

Now let’s be honest cleaning the bathroom isn’t normally the most exciting task but with a few little tricks you can make it a little more enjoyable and less daunting!

Head over to Shark Clean UK to read my full guest post on Fun Ways to Clean Your Bathroom and including my bathroom cleaning routine! – click Here.

My favourite cleaning products for this task include:

  • Dettol bathroom foam cleaner
  • Teepol limescale remover – Link
  • Zoflora (Citrus or Apple scents in particular!)
  • Flash spray with bleach or febreeze
  • Teepol Apple toilet cleaner – Link
  • Mr Muscle daily shower spray for between shower screen cleans

And my favourite tools for the job:

  • Shark steam mop (My one: Link or alternative type: Link)
  • Sonic scrubber – Link
  • Bathroom e-cloth – Link
  • Shower screen e-cloth – Link




Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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