Venetian Blinds 

I’d recently shared that the net curtains in our street facing rooms didn’t let as much light in and a few of you lovely ladies contacted me with the suggestion of easy fit blinds. I have to admit I was a little cautious they wouldn’t work so well on our windows but now they’re up in one room I love them!!

Mr R says they were an easy DIY task – I would say they would be really easy if you didn’t need to shorten them but it’s simple enough to shorten when you do!

These are very reasonably priced PVC blinds (45cm version on each window)

Venetian Blinds – eBay Link

So firstly he held the blind up to get it to the right height and marked each side and top and bottom with a pencil on the window frame. Decide how many slats you need to remove, if any.

For the first one I laid it on the floor stretched out.

Remove the caps.

Remove the number of slats you measured as too many.

Cut the cord to the length of the slats left. Tie the ends back up and push inside the hole.

We also ordered the slat cutter on the link above, but didn’t end up needing it for this window. If cutting was needed, this would be the step to do it.

For the second and third blind, once I knew how many slats needed to be removed, it was easier just to remove them when the blind was still folded up.

Back to the window, hold the edge pieces against the pencil marks drawn earlier and mark the holes.

Drill pilot holes, then screw the edge pieces to the frame. The blind then just clips into them and a plastic cap goes on each end to hold it in place.

And the end result! Privacy and light in one 😃

I’ve ordered one of these gadgets to keep them clean!

Venetian Blind Duster – eBay Link

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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