Work Lunches

Trying to plan what to have for lunches each week can be a bit of a headache, so here are some of ours!

We tend to have the same type of lunch for a week at a time and make 2 or 3 days worth at a time for ease. It’s easier to batch make the lunches and also easier to buy ingredients.

Chicken Salad

This was lettuce, onion, peppers and tomatoes chopped up with a breaded chicken steak (from Aldi) on top. Mini sauce bottles of thousand island or honey mustard salad dressing to accompany, kept separate in these little sauce bottles to stop the salad going soggy. Served cold.

Sauce Bottles – eBay Link

We also have these little sauce pots – great for mini portions of butter or ketchup.

Sauce Pots – eBay Link


Beef Burritos

This was inspired by a lunch burrito we had at the train station! A tortilla wrap piled with slow cooked beef (beef joint cooked in the slow cooker with just a pack of fajita seasoning from Asda on low for 10 hours and then shredded), mexican rice (uncle ben’s ready rice), onion, tomato, sour cream, jalapeno sauce and grated cheese. Warmed in the microwave for 2 minutes before eating. This can also be done with chicken or pork.

Soup and Roll

Ready soups from Asda or M&S separated into the same sistema boxes as above with two mini baguette rolls. This one was really easy!

Caesar Pasta

Cooked penne pasta, diced chicken, lettuce, grated parmesan, caesar salad dressing tossed together.

Pate Bagels

Bagels with chicken liver or duck and orange pate with slices of cucumber.

Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches or Rolls

Cooked bacon or sausages in soft bread with ketchup in a pot. Warm in microwave and then add ketchup before eating.

Special Fried Rice

Diced chicken, basmati rice, peas, onion, egg, soy sauce cooked together in a frying pan. Warm in the microwave before eating.

Filled Croissants

Croissant filled with ham and cheese or tomato and cheese. Warm in the microwave before eating.


Tortilla wrap filled with anything you like! Chicken and salad, beef and cheese etc.


Probably the most common lunch choice – the filling options are endless! Ready sandwich fillings, ham and cheese, philadelphia and cucumber, BLT, chicken and salad etc.

Curry Pittas

Diced chicken, salad, mango chutney and minted yogurt filled pitta bread pockets.

Singapore Noodles

Singapore noodles, diced chicken, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, egg, beansprouts and crushed peanuts fried together in a saucepan. Warm in microwave before eating.

Pizza Wraps

Tortilla topped with a little tomato puree or passata, slices of pepperoni, oregano and mozzarella. Warm in the microwave before eating.

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

Poke several holes in the potatoes and cover in olive oil and salt. Then wrap in foil and put them in the slow cooker for 4.5 hours on high (no water required). Add cheese and beans, or any topping you fancy, and microwave at work.

and not forgetting that leftovers make great lunches too!

Please comment below with any other lunch ideas – we’d love to hear them! 🙂

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

4 thoughts on “Work Lunches

  1. I do a large batch of homemade soups, changing flavours but I’m loving roasted tomatoes and basil at the moment! I freeze them in tubs and just take them out the night before, as they are homemade I don’t need any carbs (bread) as just the soup fills me right up! 🙂

  2. Oooh love theses recommendations my love! We do the same (LOVE Aldi!) but I have the fish instead of chicken. Those mini sauce bottes are so sweet! I used to be awful at preppin’ lunch for the week. I was such a Pret regular, but I have really reined it in recently, I don’t think I have stepped in Pret for a month now! I could definitely still be more organised though, so thank you for these ideas! Immy x

  3. Do you buy the Aldi chicken steaks ready cooked? Or do you cook them? If so Are they ok to eat days after cooking xx

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