Spice Cupboard Organisation

Our spice jars have been driving me crazy since we moved in – I can never find what I’m looking for! We’ve finally got round to starting to work on a new cabinet to house them all lined up but no organised cupboard would be complete without pretty matching containers!

Spice Jars (90ml in silver) – eBay Link

There are larger sized jars 47mm wide instead if you wanted short and fat ones – our ones are taller and thinner to fit more on a shelf.

They’re from China but arrived in less than 2 weeks and were packed really well – the seller was also super helpful in changing my order when I accidentally ordered the wrong size before shipping.

I put them all through the dishwasher when they arrived and let dry. The lids I handwashed though as I wasn’t sure about the coating in the dishwasher!

The jars are labelled using my favourite label maker again and a flower border option.

Label Maker – Link

Black on clear tape (compatible version) – eBay Link

I’ve used cut up white labels on the base to mark the use by dates on too.

Use a funnel to decant the spices into the jars for ease.

They’re not going to live in this cupboard but they’re placed in alphabetical order to make finding what I need quick and easy – plus I can see what needs topping up or what I don’t have at one glance.

Will update when we’ve built the cabinet!

Lots of love
Mrs Rackley xx

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