Mattress Cleaning

Lots of you had asked about my mattress cleaning routine at the weekend, so here is a quick guide! 

After stripping the beds the first thing I do is give it a hoover all over with my Dyson V6 abolsute and a mattress attachment. This removes dust and any allergens like dust mites.

Dyson Mattress Tool – Link

It’s a great little attachment that is shaped flat so that it glides over the mattress, with strips to catch all dust and a large head to cover more area. 

Then I give the whole thing a spray with dettol scented disinfectant- this makes it smell lovely and also kills germs! 

Lastly, I give it a blast with my steam mop to make sure that every last germ has been obliterated! I’m a firm believer that nothing kills germs better than a steamer. 

I’ve recently bought this shark model and it’s the best one I’ve used so far as the steam is mostly dry hot air with very little water left behind. In fact I’ve chucked my morphy one out as a result! 

Shark Mop – Link

Then leave it to air until dry before putting fresh bedding on. With the dry steam of this mop, mine was dry in about an hour. 

Extra tips: use a mattress protector and change your bedding and mattress protector as often as you can to keep germs away from your mattress. 

Also turn the mattress where possible to keep it from losing shape. Ours can only go one way up (as it has a memory foam top built into it) but we flip it from top to bottom each week. 

Happy mattress cleaning! 

Love Mrs Rackley xx

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