New Home Buys – March

This one actually arrived yesterday but today is March, so let’s go with that!

This sonic scrubber is great – as recommend by Channel 4’s Lynsey Queen of Clean! I’ve just tried it just scrubbed off grime without much elbow grease from me – winner!!

Sonic Scrubber – Link

The product I was using shown above with it is the Teepol limescale remover which I was kindly sent by them to try and it has got to be one of the strongest limescale removers I’ve come across so far!

Limescale Remover – Link

I’m also going to add my new steam mop to this post, which I have to say I’ve only used it since Saturday but so far it’s become my favourite steam mop just for ease – there’s no button to press and hold and it just manoeuvres easily! The brush attachment cleans grout standing up with saves my back too.

Steam mop – Link


I’ve just added some organisers to my cleaning cupboard which will be so much more useful and the suction mounting means I can move them around without any holes!

Larger organisers – Link

Small organisers – Link

I’ve added those organisers (same ones as photo above) to my airing cupboard too! They’ve been screwed to the door here along with my iron holder.

Iron holder – Link

My waffle maker isn’t actually new but lots of you have asked about it so I’m sharing it here! I got obsessed with fresh waffles after having them on holiday a few years ago and this machine works perfectly!

Waffle Maker – Link

I use this waffle recipe and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla:

Waffle recipe – Link

The pantry containers are on my pantry Organisation blog post!

I had these beautiful clay hearts custom made for my understairs cupboard storage cubes – I’ll add clear labels to them to identify what is in the cubes!

Heart Tags – eBay Link

More info on my understairs cupboard storage on this post – here!

Can’t beat new stationary! I’m rubbish at writing neatly on chalk boards but these work like pens so are perfect and multi coloured!

Chalk Pens – Link

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. Hi
    This may seem a bit of a daft question but what do you use to remove the chalk pens? I bought one of these boards and a chalk pen and when I tried to wipe it off it wont all come off and leaves a “shadow” of whats been written! Thanks!

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