Kitchen Organisation – Part 3

Following on from my last two kitchen organisation posts here’s a look into more of my kitchen cupboards! I’m constantly re-organising cupboards but this is their current “organised” state.


Mr Rackley put an extra shelf up the top for me which has helped organise the baking dishes neatly into groups that fit inside each other! The bottom shelf has baskets with tea towels and candles – in the darkness are plastic picnic cups and jugs stacked. The kitchen roll normally sat on the shelf inside but we’ve recently added this kitchen roll holder to the door which is much easier to pull bits off from!

Kitchen Roll Holder – Link

Baskets – Link


IKEA dividers fit nicely into my large drawers under the hob, which helps separate the pot lids and BBQ items at the back.

Ikea Drawer Dividers – Link


The next drawer has IKEA organiser trays to keep the items in place, chopping boards at the front and pans stacked to maximise space.

IKEA Organisers – Link


This concealed drawer was shared in the last post but will share again as it’s part of this cupboard unit – these drawers fit perfectly into the top of normal IKEA drawers and add extra space – I’ve used more IKEA drawer organisers in here to keep utensils in sections.


Let’s go for a “before” shot of my junk drawer, it had got a little out of hand over time!


Some new Aldi baskets and back in order! I’ve ordered small battery storage boxes to put those batteries in for storage but waiting for those to arrive!

Baskets – Aldi (similar also in Wilko)

Battery Boxes – Link


We also added another concealed drawer in here to fit my never ending supply of tealights! These baskets were from Poundland a while ago.


Next drawer up has the large bin bags, food storage bags and packs of antibacterial wipes (obsessed with antibac wipes!!)

img_0219Top drawer is for cutlery! I searched eBay until I found a cutlery organiser that was the exact size of the drawer, it looks much neater!


Another little “before” shot, this time of my gadget cupboards! I hate having lots of clutter on the worktops so keep the majority of gadgets out of sight.


Mr R cut windows into the cupboard behind it, which we couldn’t easily reach in to anyway so it was wasted space. Items used least are now kept in that section – waffle maker, juicer etc. and the more used items kept neatly in this front section – slow cooker, bread maker, crepe maker, toaster, george foreman grill, hand mixer etc.


My baking cupboard is organised with these IKEA baskets.


Plates are organised by type and design.


Cups and glasses are grouped by style too and this cupboard also holds my tea and sugar canisters.


My cleaning cupboard isn’t the easiest thing to photograph but has one dyson screwed to the door and the rest of the items on hooks or freestanding. The top shelf has baskets full of zoflora and dyson attachments.


Close up of the broom tidy hooks. There are sprung parts inside each part that move to fit the size of the broom handle and hold it in place.

Hooks – eBay Link


Under the sink has more baskets to keep cleaning products, an IKEA bag holder for plastic bags, a built in bin (with sections for rubbish and recycling) and tea towels are held on the rail on the door (it was actually bought as a kitchen roll holder but was re-purposed).

Baskets – White from IKEA and grey from Wilko

Built in Bin – eBay Link

Towel Rail – eBay Link


Spices are kept in the pull out IKEA thin drawers either side of the hob. We have a project in the pipeline to create a spice cupboard on the pillar in the background so that you can see all the labels and the spices will be in a row.

Spice Jars on order – eBay Link


The other pull out drawer contains more spices, oils and sprays.


My fridge is organised using Aldi organisers to store items in groups – sauces, cheese, raw meat, cooked meat etc.

Organisers – recently in Aldi.

Similar can be found online at:

Fridge Organiser – Link

Fridge Organiser – Link

Egg Holder – Link

Can Holder – Link


The freezer itself doesn’t have any organisation items on the shelves as I need all the space I can get in there with freezing meat monthly haha! The shelves are organised by category though, so all meats on one, potato products on another, frozen veg on another, bread items like pizza, yorkshires etc on another.

Herbs are organised in here though, into little boxes from Asda and labelled with my label maker (link on my Study revamp blog post). I buy herbs fresh and put them in the labelled box to freeze and use as needed.

And that’s my kitchen cupboards!

More info can be found on these posts:

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Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. I love how organised you are!! My OCD applauds you! What Aldi/BM bargains do you go to? I can never find the same goodies that you come across?! xx

  2. How did I miss the organisation post. I know a few people who would just die if they saw this.
    We thought we were organised!!!
    So impressed. Love love love ❤️

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