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We haven’t always been so organised with documents but learnt the hard way when selling our last house! When it came to exchanging contracts we had to hand in some important document and up until that point I’d let Mr R “file” documents other than bills, unsurprisingly the documents needed were nowhere to be found! It was so stressful having to get replacement documents in time, we managed but I vowed never to let that happen again haha!


When post arrives, it’s placed in this letter holder in the study, and then I file, shred or throw away as soon as I can to keep on top of it.

I originally had just one filing cabinet but replaced it with two small ones, the bottom drawer on each has A4 sized suspension files with labels.


The files come with these label holders and templates, I type the labels and print them, then use the labels to cut them to size. I also keep the card label behind the paper name to keep the label in place, as the paper alone kept falling out. It’s also really easy to replace the labels inside this way by just swapping the paper when the contents of the file change.


The first cabinet has A-M, with separate sections for various bills and documents we keep.

The first thing I would suggest if you’re creating a filing system from scratch is to sort your paperwork in to piles of category, then make a list of all the categories you will divide by to print labels for.

I place the newest document at the front of each suspension file, so that when I go to look in the gas file for example, the latest document will be at the front. When we receive new post I just put the newest document at the front again.


The second cabinet has the last M – U labels and is also organised in the same date order as above.

I also keep other paperwork in here to stop clutter such as takeaway menus and user manuals. The takeaway menu’s used to live in the kitchen drawers but soon became cluttered and lost, this was they’re kept tidy and I always know where they are when needed. The user manuals are booklets for appliances mostly.

More information on the filing cabinets themselves and files can be found on this blog post here: Study revamp.


And that’s how I organise my paperwork! I keep the paperwork for 3 years and then shred it, the user manuals I keep as long as we have the appliance and the takeaway menus I keep only for restaurants we use often.

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Happy Organising!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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