Zoflora Uses

One of my favourite cleaning products has to be Zoflora – it disinfects, cleans and smells amazing, what more can I want!

Lots of you have asked where you can use it, so here are my favourite uses:

1. Steam Mopping

Dilute a capful of zoflora in a spray bottle of water and spray over the floor before steam mopping over it.

2. Spray Bottle


I nearly always dilute Zoflora and find the best way is the use a small spray bottle filled with water and just one capful to make a solution. Then I use this to spray worktops, tables, sinks etc and wipe.

3. Radiators


I spray the solution on to a piece of kitchen paper and wipe my radiators, this cleans the radiator and at the same time fragrances the room as the radiators warm up.

4. In the Sink 

I fill the sink in the kitchen and bathrooms a few inches deep with hot water and put 2 capfuls of Zoflora in overnight. Again this disinfects the sink and also fragrances the room.

5. Cooker Hood Filters


Tying in to the use above, I also add my cooker hood filter to the hot water in the kitchen sink when needed to remove food smells from it.

6. In the Washing Machine

I add one capful in to the fabric softener part of my washing machine and run a hot wash on empty to disinfect.

7. In the cistern

Add one capful of zoflora to the cistern water to scent and disinfect as you flush.

8. Neat in Toilets and Sinks


I pour a splash of neat Zoflora down the toilet and down the kitchen or bathroom sinks to clean and also fragrance.

9. To Clean the Bathroom

I spray the diluted Zoflora on the bath tub, toilet, shower etc. and leave for a few minutes before using a multi-purpose e-cloth and water to wash it away.

10. To Clean the Fridge

I use the diluted spray and a multi-purpose e-cloth to wipe the inside of the fridge and freezer clean, and also to wipe all the baskets used for storage inside.

11. To Clean the Oven and Microwave

Again I use the diluted spray and a cloth to clean the inside of ovens and microwaves.

12. To Wipe the Bins

I use it neat on a piece of kitchen roll to wipe the kitchen bins, this disinfects and removes bad smells in the bin. I also pour some neat on the outside bins to stop the smell.

13. Wipe on the Vacuum Filter

Wipe a little diluted Zoflora on the vacuum filter to fragrance as you hoover.

14. On the Toilet Brush

I leave a little dilted Zolfora in the bottom of my toilet brush holders.

15. In the Car

I wipe my dashboard with diluted zoflora and spray some on the seats.

16. Door Knobs and Handles

I use diluted Zoflora on a piece of kitchen paper to wipe door knobs and kitchen cupboard handles.

17. Spray on Rugs and Door Mats

Spray a little on rugs and door mats to disinfect and also fragrance.

18. In Bowls

Add a capful to a little bowl of hot water and leave in rooms to fragrance,

A few uses I’ve been told of but haven’t yet tried:

19. Diffuser

Add a little to water in a small jar for a DIY diffuser with reed sticks.

20. On Cotton Wool

Soak diluted or neat on cotton wool and place behind the radiator to fragrance.

21. Shoes

Wipe smelly shoes with diluted Zoflora to make them smell better.
Have you got any new uses? Comment below, I’d love to hear them!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

28 thoughts on “Zoflora Uses

  1. Great tips… I add a cap full of neat zoflora to my husbands smelly work boots voila no more smelly shoes in the cupboard!!!

  2. I’ve used it best in the dish washer I used to buy a dish washer cleaner but zoflora smells so much nicer. I put half a cap in where the tablet goes and put it on a boil smells amazing

  3. I use it to clean my washing machine every now and again I add two capfulls along with normal washing liquid then set it off on an empty cycle this helps to take away the stale smell that sometimes builds up 🙂

  4. Great tips! I put zoflora neat in my toilet lid, so that it lasts more than one flush. Each time I flush it smells amazing! X

  5. These tips sound great 👌🏻
    Can I ask is Zoflora safe to use with pets
    Wondering if it was ok to put some zoflora in the washing machine when washing the dog blankets and bedding? Xx

  6. Hi I have only recently discovered your blog and I am really loving it!! Slightly addicted is how I have been described about zoflora! Love your organisation and all the ‘ tips and advice. Keep up the good work!

  7. Fabulous uses! I do pretty much all you do. I spray a little inside the washing machine after use too. Can’t really think of anything else I do that you haven’t already said 😀

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