How To: Handmade Pelmets

Mr Rackley whipped up a crushed velvet pelmet for our landing window and I’m so in love with it! The top is open to let extra light in and the velvet reflects light too, which helps open this space up!

It took him about 3 hours from start to finish he says and was “fairly easy” – now I know he’s a bit of a DIY pro so he would say that but looking at the steps below, it looks achievable!

You will need: 

Wood – we used pieces we had from homebase already but a piece slightly bigger than your window width would do it!

Crushed Velvet Fabric (cream) – eBay Link

Padding (2oz version) – eBay Link

Staple Gun – eBay Link

Cordless Hammer Drill – eBay Link

Cordless Electric Screwdriver – eBay Link

Masonary Drill Bits – eBay Link

Wood Drill Bits – eBay Link

Keyhole Hook (38mm silver slotted version) – eBay Link

Long Spirit Level – eBay Link

Hand Saw – We have one from B&Q


Clamp (optional)

Now bare with me for these photos – Mr R took them himself so they don’t show every single step I’m afraid!

Firstly – measure you window width, and add 5cm extra for each side, and decide on the height you want the pelmet.

Using a saw, cut the wood to the size of the front piece only (so your window width plus 10cm). I believe some hardware stores offer a cutting service so alternatively ask them to cut it to the size you need.

Cut two extra pieces that are the same height as your front panel to go on the sides. We made ours about 5cm deep from the wall, so cut these at the same depth.

Then also cut two extra pieces that are about half the size of the ones you cut before to be used as mounting blocks.

If you have a clamp, clamp the edge pieces to the front piece as shown – if not get someone to help you hold it in place!

Screw 4 screws along the edge to join the pieces together it maybe easier to drill a small pilot hole first – repeat on the other end

Your panel should look like this. Place the felt padding underneath and cut so there is a 5cm excess around the panel. Using the staple gun, staple the fabric to the back of the panel and around the edge pieces. (Sorry no photo of the stapling!)

Repeat the same step with the crushed velvet as shown.

It should look like this.

Screw the two small pieces into the edges like this.

Decide on the height you want to mount the pelmet and mark the position of the keyhole hooks and the position of the keyhole itself.

Using a wood drill bit fitted in the drill make a small hollow in the wood in the position behind where the keyholes will be placed to make a space for the screw head to sit in, repeat on the other end.

Fit the keyhole hooks with small wood screws.

Measure the centre distance between the two keyhole hooks and mark the positions on the wall where the wall screws will be fitted. To ensure the two holes will be level use of a spirit level will help. Carefully Drill two holes in the wall using a masonary drill bit fitted into the cordless drill (Ensure the drill is set to hammer whenever drilling into brick).

Fit rawl plugs into the holes and drive screws in so that the heads of the screw protrude from the wall slightly.

Hook the pelmet onto the screws ensuring that it fits firmly against the wall.

And that’s it 🙂

Hope you enjoy pelmet making, they look so effective!

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. Wow how easy does it look. The finish looks amazing and so very professional. But then I wouldn’t doubt any the less from someone with your standards and your eye for detail. Just love your house and everything in it 😘😍

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