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Today we’re going to talk about wardrobe organisation; this has been an ongoing project for me since January 2015 as I constantly find new things I want to add!

First things first, back then I was looking high and low for space saving ideas, as the hanging clothes seemed fit to burst, I stumbled across an American bloggers post about velvet hangers; She swore that they decreased the space your hangers took up by over a third, the clothes didn’t fall off and raved about the beauty of uniform hangers – I knew I had to give it a go!


I ordered 100 and did one section of my wardrobe and Mr Rackley did one section of his to see how it went – and she was right! The amount of space we gained just by changing from normal bulky hangers to thin velvet ones was unbelievable and nothing slipped off!

Now I have to tell you Mr Rackley was really sceptical when I first ordered them, and even when he was swapping the hangers on his clothes but when I ordered another lot he got to them first and changed all of his hangers over before I even had a chance to start on another section of mine, so I had to order again!

Hangers – eBay Link

So now we’ve covered how I hang clothes and maximise hanging space, let’s look at decluttering:

My best tip is to remove everything from the space you’re trying to organise and start from scratch.

Decide on whether you’re going to have an order to your clothes e.g. in colour order, in season order, in type order like short sleeves/long sleeves etc.

Then start on the pile checking one item at a time, I always ask myself the following questions when deciding whether to keep something:

When did I last wear this?
Does this still fit?
When I last wore it was it comfortable?
When I last wore it did it look good?

If I can’t answer yes to these questions then I normally chuck it!

If you’re keeping it then I start placing them in the cupboard space, with my cupboards I’ve got a section for dresses/long tops, a section for short sleeve tops, a section for long sleeved tops and a section for jumpers.

I’ve started placing my clothes in colour order as I think it looks better, so I just place items back in to the place they fit in the colour spectrum.


Then repeat on the other sections.


Jumpers displayed here, the far left are Christmas jumpers which I’ve kept separate to my daily jumpers.


I use a hanging accessory to hang my scarves and belts, and keep them in the corner of the dresses section.

Scarf Hanger – eBay Link

With the scarves on.

A recent addition are these little clear shoe boxes to keep my non-daily shoes, flip-flops and sandals in. You get 20 in the set I ordered, which was plenty for me. It keeps the shoes neat and lets you see exactly what’s inside easily.

Shoe Boxes – Link


They stack well too which is helpful!


Here’s the overall effect, I use small curver boxes on the top shelf for clutch bags and my other handbags on the other shelf. I also use cup hooks screwed in to the door to store necklaces. The mirror on the right is an adhesive one from Ikea which is useful for choosing necklaces in the morning!

Curver Boxes – eBay Link

Cup Hooks – eBay Link

Ikea Mirror – Link


Mr Rackley has also chosen to separate his clothes in to short sleeves, long sleeves and trousers.


His ties are displayed on these tie hangers screwed to the door, he loves ties as you can probably tell!!

Tie Bars – eBay Link


Strappy tops and holiday tops are folded into rectangles and stored on a shelf.


Trousers and shorts are also folded on a shelf. The shelf also makes a great place to clip hair clips!

This particular shelf of toiletries still needs some attention though! I’ve ordered some of those Aldi tier shelves for here, so will update on how this ends up being more organised – failing that I will probably go for more curver boxes!

UPDATE: I finally tackled that shelf! A tier organiser and some baskets to make it neat and tidy 🙂


Pyjamas are rolled in two layers into a large curver box and stored at the bottom of the wardobe, by folding into a long rectangle shape then rolling into a sausage to save space.

Curver Boxes – eBay Link

Here’s the overall layout of the wardrobes, with more curver boxes used at the top for other toiletries.


There’s still a bit of work to be done in here before I’m fully satisfied with it but here’s an older photo of one side to see the progress!


This isn’t the easiest thing to photograph but we have battery operated LED motion sensor lights at the top of each wardrobe section. They’re really useful in the morning when one of us is still asleep and the other is trying to get dressed, and generally just provide better lighting to see what’s inside! We have the 30cm day white ones and they come on automatically when they sense movement.

Wardrobe Lights – Link
UPDATE: I’ve also hung my skirts in this section. 

Hope that was a helpful insight in to my wardrobe storage!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. You have inspired me how to tidy up our wardrobes. I bought the first 100 hangers from your link and now my teenager daughter wants to tidy her wardrobe too! I need to order more….Thank you so much for inspiring us xxx

  2. Hi

    How do you hang/store your skirts? I’m thinking of getting those velvet hangers but have lots of skirts, and my OCD will bother me if I buy lovely matching hangers but have to get different ones for entirely for skirts lol

    Thanks in advance

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