How To: Waterproof iPad Wall Mount

I’ve been trying to find a gadget that allowed me to use my iPad in the bath when reading a book or also stick it up on the wall when watching something, but at the same time was temporary so I could remove the iPad and mount from the wall when I didn’t need it – on all my searches such a thing does not seem to exist, so the next best thing was to create something to do the job!

Three little items that did the job perfectly and all for just over £20!

iPad Case – eBay Link

Original suction hooks (2 arm version) – Link

Suction hooks (alternative version) – Link

You will need 2 hooks.


The waterproof case comes with this little packet with a piece of paper inside, I would definitely recommend doing the water test first to ensure the case is fully waterproof on the paper first before trusting your gadget inside it!

The iPad then just goes inside and you clip the case shut.

Decide where you want it and wet the back of the first suction hook, hold in place with one hand and wind the dial in the direction that says “fix” with the other hand until it won’t turn anymore.

Place the iPad case to sit on the bottom hooks to measure how high you need the second one to clamp it in place, then repeat steps above on the top hook to secure as pictured.


I tested the hooks by hanging a full handbag on them!


Slide the iPad in between the two sets of hooks so it is held firmly in place.

Now sit back and enjoy!

The iPad can then be easily removed by sliding it out, and winding the hooks to the release direction, plus the case is perfect for taking in the pool on holiday too!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

11 thoughts on “How To: Waterproof iPad Wall Mount

  1. i love this idea and i would love to recreate it my self however when i click on the given link it shows a 3 hooked suction lock instead of a 2 hooked which from what i understand thats the one you have. unfortunately my ipad does not fit into the 3 hooked suction lock , is it possible if you can give me the same link to the hooks that you have used please.

  2. Great idea 😀. Just a quick ?. Are the e-cloths yoi use all microfibre as I can’t stand the feel of it and don’t want order and then have to return. Thank you 😉

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