Under Stairs Cupboard Storage

I’d been waiting to post about my under stairs cupboard storage until Mr Rackley completed the pull out shoe storage drawer but that’s still a work in progress, so thought I’d just put the rest up until then!


Previously this space was open and looked so cluttered!


We had been intending to create this storage cupboard since we moved in but only recently got round to that job! Mr Rackley set to work with a door frame kit from B&Q, a 6 panel door from Homebase and painted plywood boards for the side. This photo also shows how cluttered it looked before too!

And here’s the finished external result!


Now here’s a before shot of the inside before too.


So the space was cleared out completely ready for some shelving! The area to the right will soon have a pull out tiered shoe storage drawer that Mr Rackley is half way through building.


3 x 3 cube shelves – eBay Link

Other styles in the same range:

2 x 4 Cube shelves – eBay Link

Black cube shelves – eBay Link

Spare Fabric Boxes to fit these cubes:

Storage Boxes – eBay Link

White baskets were part of the set and the mink ones were from the Range (they were the same size and style which was perfect!).


I later changed the colour layout of the cubes and added the baskets above from B&M to use the wasted space at the top.


We installed a tube light along the back which has a switch to provide some light under there, this version plugs in and can be connected to other tubes by cable too.

Tube Light – Link

The cubes house things that don’t belong anywhere else like my wax melt collection

Or spare kitchen rolls

Or spare bin bags – I love to bulk buy, particularly when stuff is on offer so that I never run out!

Or gift bags

Or spare light bulbs!  Everything has a place.

I plan to add heart shaped labels to these boxes to identify what each is for.


The final part of this storage area is coat hooks. This one has 8 hooks (they come in a few sizes and are really sturdy – our previous small one was rubbish and kept falling off if the coats were too heavy for it!

Coat Hook (8 hooks) – eBay Link

Heart Tags – eBay Link

My label maker printed these clear labels – love this machine! More info on my study blog posts.

Mr R built this pull out shoe storage to fit the exact space under the stairs – it’s built on runners so moves back and forth!

I love how much storage space has been created just by adding a simple door to this wasted space and that it’s all kept out of sight now!

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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