I’ve had a few requests for an oven cleaning post today, so happy to oblige!

Unfortunately, this post will not be picture heavy as I didn’t take any before photos when deep cleaning the oven yesterday (but will try to add photos next time!)

Christmas dinner cannot be beaten but we all know with it comes lots and lots of mess. I wish I’d taken a photo of the state of my oven after boxing day – it was gross! The metal racks were covered in grime and grease to say the least (yuck).

First things first, I took the racks and oven liners out of the oven and gave the liners a wash with hot soapy water. That’s my first tip in this post – oven liners! They protect the bottom of the oven and you just wash them and reuse over and over!

Oven liners – Link

Then I put the racks into the large plastic bag that comes with the Oven Brite oven cleaning kit. Using the gloves provided, I added just over half the bottle to the bag and sealed it up. Whatever you do, make sure you wear the gloves! This stuff is seriously strong, Mr Rackley thought it couldn’t be that bad and touched it, his fingers instantly burned and itched (if you do touch it, run under cold water thoroughly!!) Then I moved the bag around so that all the racks were coated in the solution. Leave upright somewhere safe overnight. In the morning I took the bag to my bath and washed it all off carefully and chucked the bag.

Oven Brite can be purchased from a few places including Home Bargains or can be found online here:

Oven Brite Oven Cleaner – Link

The rest of the solution is used neat in the oven itself, on the bottom, along the sides etc with the sponge provided. Leave to soak for a little while then using the sponge and water wash off. I then used kitchen roll and dettol wipes on top to make sure there was no solution left.

As for the microwave, I use oven mate wipes. You put them in the microwave and turn on for just under 1 minute. Leave it in there after it stops to steam the microwave, then simply use the wipe to wipe away any grime! So easy 🙂 These can be found in home stores like Lakeland or online here:

Oven Mate Microwave Wipes – Link

Finally, my oven and microwave are mirror surfaces, so the slightest finger print is visible. For this job I swear by e-cloths – they’re magic! (More about my love of e-cloths can be found on this post HERE). I have a few of these on hand for use on my oven, microwave, fridge, cooker hood, plug sockets etc. One quick wipe and all the marks are gone. For stubborn marks, I damp one end of the cloth and wipe the mark, then wipe again with the dry side for no streaks.

Stainless Steel e-cloth – Link

Before (Yes I did smear my fingers across it just to show you haha!)

After – not a mark in sight!

For normal day to day cleaning, I use dettol wipes and diluted zoflora to give the trays and oven a once over.

Happy cleaning 🙂

Lots of love
Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. Hi and thanks for all you helpful tips , have you any tips for cleaning the oven glass ive tried everything including dishwasher tablets but i cant get the stains off!! Im thinking a new oven is my only option 😂 much to hubbys disagreement lol

  2. Hello Ebru

    Hope you’ve both had a lovely Christmas. Ive enjoyed watching your daily elf on the shelf ideas, where did you get all the props for them?. Also where did you hang/put all your Christmas cards?. And finally 😂 which pillows do you buy that go on your bed, as I’ve just bought a new bed set!.

    Kind regards

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    • Hi Michelle! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year too! The elf on the shelf has it’s own post with what the props are and where from (it’s a few posts down). Christmas cards were hung on a heart christmas card holder from ebay and we have the silent night bounce back pillows from matalan 🙂 xx

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