Christmas Decoration Storage

This is the part of the festive season I always hate – having to put all the decorations away!! One because they’re so pretty I want the sparkle to last all year and two because I’m not one for “just chuck it in the bag” – making sure it’s all stored carefully and properly means they’re less likely to get damaged and ready to pull out and go for next year.

So even though I’m not ready to put mine away yet I will share how I like to store them for those of you that are. The majority of the storage stuff is currently in the loft so some items will be photoless – the loft is where the christmas decorations live the rest of the year and the one part of the house that I’m not brave enough to go in to yet (I hate climbing in and out of that tiny hatch thing, so that’s a task reserved for Mr Rackley! I’m sure it’s a complete mess up there but hey I can’t see it so for now it will have to be haha)

The biggest item to store is of course the tree. The recommended storage for this is the original box it came in, however if like me your loft hatch is too small to fit the actual box, the next best thing I find is a big tree bag!


This is a photo from last year, the storage and amount of stuff has definitely changed since then but the tree bag is the one on the left – I pull all the branches together in one direction and zip it all away in the bag.

Christmas Tree Bag – eBay Link

The wreaths and garlands are kept in their original boxes and stored rolled up to keep their shape (i.e. roll in a circle). Each box is labelled with what’s inside to make finding them easier.

Other ornaments like tealight holders, candles, reindeers etc are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the red/green bag or the cardboard box. The more fragile bits in the box and the other stuff like light up parcels in the bag.

Red/Green Storage Bag – eBay Link


The baubles are stored in these bauble storage bags which have individual compartments for them, the smaller baubles I put a few into each compartment. Each tub is labelled with which tree they belong to e.g. lounge tree, bedroom tree, outdoor tree etc.

Bauble Bag – eBay Link


Close up of the compartments.

Baubles Bag – eBay Link

The fairy lights on the main tree are pre-lit so don’t need storing but the rest of the lights are loose. Previously, I used a piece of cardboard to wrap the lights around, which stopped them from becoming tangled but I’ve just ordered these fab looking fairy light winders to store them (which even has a bit for holding the plug in place).

Fairy Light Holders – eBay Link


I keep all my wrapping paper in these bags, in fact I use one for christmas paper and one for birthday paper. They keep the rolls neatly in place and stop it from getting creased.

Wrapping Paper Bags – eBay Link

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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