Christmas Table Decor

Today I’ve been trialling my Christmas table decor – this year I’m going for white, gold and silver to match my decorations!


I will probably tweak bits of this on the day but here’s the preview!

Tablecloth – Home Bargains

Table runner – Link


Close up of the tablecloth and runner together. These are bargain crackers from B&M – very happy with these!

Crackers – B&M (£3.99 for 10)

Snowflake Tealight Holder – The Range

Placemats – from Next (similar ones currently in B&M too)


These napkins are a little fiddly but think they look great! I’m on the hunt for star shaped chocolates to put at the top though! My napkins had silver one side and white the other, one napkin can be used and will give white and silver alternate layers or you can put two back to back (like I have done) and get all silver.

Tree Napkin Tutorial – Link

Silver napkins from Asda

Gold stars are from a pack of foil confetti


This beauty in the middle is part of the same range as my garlands and wreath – again I’ve added a few silver baubles to match my theme!

The gold and cream one is currently out of stock but here are the other colours:

Table Centrepiece (gold and copper) – Link

Table Centrepiece (silver) – eBay Link


The chairs have also been decorated in matching colours as above!

Silver Ribbon (one roll was enough for 8 chairs plus spare) – Link

Gold Poinsettias (bunch of 7) – eBay Link

They also come in silver:

Silver Poinsettias – eBay Link


Step 1 – measure out the length of ribbon you need and cut a piece off the roll – I used the floor as my guide for these (pull around the top like pictured and cut the ends where its near the floor)


Step 2 – Knot the ends together once


Step 3 – Create bunny ears and tie into a bow (the usual method of tying bows didn’t produce as neat bows)


Step 4 – once the bunny ears are tied they should look like this


Step 5 – fan out each side of the bow by holding each edge and pulling apart


Step 6 – Once fanned out, it should look like this – adjust the bows until they are equal


Step 7 – fold each end in half and cut at a diagonal


Step 8 – Once cut each end should have a little triangle cut out like this


Step 9 – Wrap the wire stem of the flower around the middle of the bow like so


Step 10 – Straighten the bows and flower into place and it’s done!


And there’s the overall effect!

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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