Elf on the Shelf 2016

My little cousins love Elf on the Shelf and so we got a pair of them last year to entertain them! I think we have more fun with them than they do sometimes, we always have a right laugh trying to pose them!

We bought the cheaper elves, one boy and one girl, and Mr Rackley threaded a little piece of wire up each arm and each leg so that they were easier to pose!

Elves – Link

Useful wire threading tutorial – Link


Day 1 – The elves are back! For this one we used M&M’s and the existing cone decorations in the lounge. The little door is a new edition this year and comes with all the bits shown!

Elf Door – This came from a company on Instagram called the blossom tree.

Similar Elf Door – Link

Cones – The Range


Day 2 – Toasting marshmallows! This used tealight holders and sweetcorn holders with mini marshmallows on the end.

Heart Tealight Holder – Pretty Little Home


Day 3 – The Elf-Factor! This used straws, tins with their labels removed, sandwich paste lids and a jar lid. The microphone is a bolt blu-tacked onto the straw end. The little star dishes are candle plates from IKEA.


Day 4 – They got post-it happy! This one just required a pack of Poundland post it notes!


Day 5 – Superhero time! The wonderwoman tiara, cuffs and cape were just cut out of card and a red star drawn on, and a W logo printed for the back of the cape. The Avengers logo was printed out and stuck on his hand, and the mask was cut out of blue card an A written on top! Hung from light using white cotton.


Day 6 – Movie and popcorn! The glasses were cut out of black card and red/blue bits stuck on. The popcorn boxes were printed from here:

Popcorn boxes – Link


Day 7 – Photo booth poses! The whiteboard I already had and the props were printed from here and either taped to them or stuck on toothpicks:

Photo booth Props – Link


Day 8 – Help! This one didn’t require many props, just a glass and a bit of paper! Her tutu is a fairly new addition and it looks great with a sparkly little bow at the back too!

Tutu Skirt – Link

Day 9 – treating themselves to a hElf Spa! Towels made with toilet paper, eyes cut out of limes and they’re lying on loofah’a – nice and simple this one!

Day 9 (continued) – they moved on to yoga class at the hElf spa! This one just required some folded napkins!

Day 10 – Golfing around! I’d been waiting impatiently to do this one when my grass turned up! This is two sample pieces of fake grass, one whole piece for them to stand on and one piece cut into 6 cirlces as holes. The flags are cut out of coloured card and stuck on toothpicks. Candy canes as golf clubs and marhsmallows as golf balls.

Fake Grass Samples – Link


Day 11 – baking and making sprinkle angels! The hats are printed on card and aprons are cut out of white card. The mini gingerbread house was ready made from B&M stores. The cutters are from Poundland. The “cookies” are cookie crunch cereal and the trays are made from card wrapped in tin foil!

Chef Hats – Link

Day 12 – rowing a boat and eating ice-cream! This one used a plastic lunch container as the boat, candy canes as the paddles and mini ice-cream erasers from Hawkins Baazar. We also turned the water blue with a few drops of food colouring – but a little warning to watch the elves near it, one dropped his arm in and it turned blue haha! Luckily it washed off!

Day 13 – frozen reenactment! “Elsa” is wearing a blue dress from a doll in Poundland (cut the back fully open to fit!), a tin foil crown and a piece of silver mesh as a cape (the silver version of the one tagged in my tree post). We sewed a piece of thread to her hat and stuck it with tape under the cupboard to make her stand!

Now if you’ve ever tried to freeze an elf you’ll know it’s hard!! He kept floating up, so we used a few tea lights on top of each other and gaffa tape over the top around the baking tin to hold him down until he set! In fact, one tealight is still frozen to his back in this photo haha!

Day 14 – teepee’d tree! This one was nice and easy, just use toilet roll!

Day 15 – Madame Elfina predicts the future! This is the same Poundland dress from day 13 wrapped around her head and body. The snow globe is one from Italy I already had and a few birthday candles stuck on the table (cardboard box) with white tac! They’re sat on mini plastic sauce boxes and are resting against the ottoman – sellotape was also used to keep their hands in place!

Day 16 – Game of elf twister! This one just required a print out and some careful posing!

Elf Twister Printable – Link
Will update this post as they get up to more mischief!

Day 17 – ready to party! The pink dress is taken from a Poundland doll and taped to her body. The jewellery and clutch bag are made of tin foil and his suit jacket is printed and taped to him!

Tuxedo Print – Link

Day 18 – tree house fun! This was made from lollipop sticks, string, tape and a piece of black card!

Lollipop Sticks – Link

Holly and Bunting – Poundland

Day 19 – Welcome to Elf school! The capes are made from bin bags and the hats from black card. The lollipop sticks are from the treehouse above (wilko – Link) and the blackboards are black card! Pointing sticks are just toothpicks.

Day 20 – Star Wars battle of Christmas is on! Robes made of loo roll with a piece of black card for the belt. Scrunched up bin bag taped to her head for Princess Leia buns! Birthday candles taped to their hands for light sabers. Star Wars toys from Mr Rackley’s collection!

Day 21 – duvet day! Beds were printables stuck together with tape and a few books underneath to prop them up! Magazines are also printables cut out and stuck on to their hands with tape! Door and tree the same as day 1 above. Bedding made of kitchen roll! Holly and bunting from Poundland.

Elf Beds – Link

Elf Insider Magazine – Link

Day 22 – Elf races! The reindeers were part of my Christmas decor and worked great for this purpose! The elf bodies for the little girls were cut from red and white card, and their faces printed and stuck on top. The finish sign is two tealights, two lolly sticks and a piece of black card. Finally the gold medal is a milk chocolate coin on a ribbon!

Day 23 – Christmas Dinner and crackers! This was all done using coloured paper, wrapping paper and printed food. The table is a box with kitchen roll on top and they are sitting on little sauce pots.

Day 24 – flying back to the North Pole! The santa jackets and hats were wine bottle toppers from pound world (I cut the leg parts off) and the sleigh/reindeer is a little craft kit from Poundland that took seconds to put together!

Boxing Day bonus one by special request from the girls – the santa jackets as above and the sleigh sweets are made of a kit Kat taped to two candy canes and other chocolates stacked on top with ribbon and a bow to hold it all in place!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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