Study/Home Office Revamp

It’s amazing how much difference a feature wallpaper can make to a room!

This was the “before” shot.

We emptied the room out and Mr Rackley set to work!

Ta-da! And we have wallpaper 🙂 this is part of the Henderson Interiors Chelsea Glitter range from – I love the entire range!! It has a beautiful shimmer to it that catches the light and makes the wall reflective and shimmery! This one is called white/silver on the website and is an ivory colour.

Wallpaper (white) – Link

The other walls are crown paint in flawless fawn – the same colour as in my lounge.


We also added some floating shelves above the desk for extra storage and because who doesn’t love a shelf to dress!

Shelves – Link

If you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can buy similar here:

Shelves (alternative) – eBay Link

I still need to replace the grey filing cabinet with an all white one!

UPDATE: I finally found some lockable white filing cabinets that I liked! They come in a few different colours too if white isn’t for you!

White Filing Cabinets – eBay Link

Calendar Blocks – eBay Link

Desk – Link

Chair – Link


The family command centre wall also got a little revamp, it still has all the same functions but with new boards and also a new storage ottoman which doubles as a seat!

Ottoman (this one is the 30″ cream version) – eBay Link

Pen Pot – eBay Link

I’ve just come across this one which I’m likely to replace that with though –

New Pen Pot – eBay Link

Now for the boards:


The bases are magnetic memo boards from IKEA with a pretty lace edge. I ordered adhesive white board paper and gridding tape to make my own whiteboard and planning board. The same can be done with adhesive chalkboard paper too!

Memo Board – Link

Adhesive Whiteboard – Link

Gridding Tape – Link

Adhesive Chalkboard – Link


The whiteboard paper has grid lines on the back which allow you to cut it easily to the size you need – then just peel and stick into the space!


End result! There are little ridges along the edge which I lined the paper up with


For the planning board with days on it, I did the same steps as above but used the gridding tape to make lines along the edges as shown above.


Then I measures the empty space and divided it by 7 so I knew how big each section could be, then used the tape to block each section off


End result with the grid lines – this stuff was really easy to stick into place!


Then using my trusty label maker I made some day stickers on clear tape.

And there’s the finished planning board!

UPDATE: Clear Letter Trays – eBay Link

UPDATE: We replaced the big shelves with smaller ones either side to open the middle section up and glued metal label holders to the IKEA magazine files/boxes to make them look better.

New Shelves – eBay Link

Metal Label Holders – eBay Link

UPDATE: clear drawer organisers and glass monitor stand added 🙂

Drawer Organisers: Link

Monitor Stand: Link

UPDATE: these stunning paper flowers handmade by Monique Art have created a perfect statement piece in this room!

Flowers – Link


UPDATE: I’ve move this gorgeous velvet occasional chair in to the study from the lounge and it fits perfectly in here! The legs have been painted in cream.

Chair – eBay Link

UPDATE: stunning new lamp added to this space!

Lamp – Link

Gold stapler and letter stand are Kate Spade from Amara Living.

Detailed information about the actual function of the above boards and the items that were already in the study can be found on this blog post:

Study/Home Office Organisation – Link

Further information on my home organisation printables that work in combination with my boards can be found on this blog post:

Home Organisation Printables – Link

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. Hi! I’d love to order the paper flower decoration you have in the study. Does it come all as one to hang or do you arrange them on the wall yourself? Also, how did you secure it to the wall please? Xx

  2. Hi, where are your net curtains from and how did you hang them? Looking for something similar for my lounge as it is street facing! xx

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