Outdoor Christmas Lights

Mr Rackley has put up all the outside Christmas lights now (just the roof reindeer missing – but he will follow soon!) and lots of you have asked about where they’re from so I thought I would share!

Here is the overall effect, minus the mini trees in the front downstairs windows, I will take a photo with it all in place as soon as I can!

The top part of the house is illuminated with two projection lights, this is hard to photograph but one light is a shimmery effect and the other is moving snowflakes. We purchased these from Asda but the same are available online here:

Kaleidoscope Projection Light – eBay Link

Snowflake Projection Light – eBay Link

The lights along the front are a combination of three sets of lights – they work great separately but we love lights so wanted the lot together for full effect. There are long and short raining icicle lights (the ones that look like clear sticks!) and a set of chasing icicle lights that can be used multi-function (but we keep it on static as a contrast to the long icicle lights).

Long LED raining icicle lights (we have 24 of the 50cm) – eBay Link

Short LED raining icicle lights (we have 24 of the 30cm) – eBay Link

Chasing icicle lights – eBay Link

More information about these little trees outside the door and wreath can be found on my previous blog post – HERE

These trees are weighted down using sand bags!

All of these lights operate on a timer plug and come on for a few hours each night then automatically turn themselves off.

Timer Plug – Link

Small trees have also been added to the inside of the front downstairs windows, so they not only shine inside but also shine from the outside. These trees are the same as my outdoor trees (link here) but have a few bows from poundland and bigger star toppers from poundland too.

Finally, there will be a reindeer that sits on the first roof (although we are considering getting him a friend this year, so there may be a pair of them!) – he is held down by tying him to sandbags. Photo to follow but for now here’s the one we have:

Reindeer – eBay Link

Hope you’re all feeling festive – more to come soon!

UPDATE: the final effect with another row of lights added to the top, window mini trees and reindeer on the roof!

Lots of Love

Mrs Rackley xx

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