Home Tour – Dressing Room

Our smallest bedroom has recently been turned into my dressing room while still keeping the day bed for guests! The theme of this room is very much all that sparkles!

Chalkboard Heart – Primark for £2

Crystal Door Knobs –eBay Link


This table and mirror are just stunning! The table was a birthday present from my lovely husband – heavy hint dropping worked a treat haha 🙂

Dressing Table – eBay Link also available here – Link

Mirror – Link

Heart Light –Link

Stool –Link


I changed the knobs on the dressing table – these were from store21 but very similar available in the range, B&M and home bargains (tip: be really careful how much you tighten them though, it can crack the mirror – from experience!!)

These fab drawer dividers were from IKEA, one tray is on top of the others to fit and it’s like it was made to fit my make-up pieces! I’m going to line the bottom of the drawers with glitter paper so they shine through the trays 🙂

Clear Organiser Trays – Link


Close up


Close up


These curtains are the same as in my bedroom, they’re a faux silk silver colour.

Curtains – Link

Sign (Live, Love, Sparkle) – B&M stores

Lantern – from the Range a few years ago


I love a radiator cover! They hide radiators and they’re perfect places to put candles/pretty things! I’m going to end up putting them everywhere slowly I think.

Radiator Cover – Link

Glitter Frame – (the bigger version of this one) Link

Print (Find the beauty in every day) – Link

Mauve Flowers – from Next a while ago

Star Light – New Look (not online at moment but it’s a rose gold colour)


All these signs have something in common, they’re all related to sparkle and beauty!

Sign (never let anyone dull your sparkle) – Link


This is the hemnes bed from IKEA, it has 3 big drawers for storage, works as a sofa and then pulls out into a king bed for guests – super useful! Again I’ve changed the knobs on this to match the dressing table ones.

Bed – Link

Silver Bedspread – from Asda last year but similar here – Link

Middle pink cushion – New Look (not online)

Silver glitter cushions – Link

White cushions – from Dunelm last year

Grey faux fur stripe cushions – eBay Link

Pink diamond cushions – from eBay but the seller has gone!

Grey bolster cushions – from eBay but similar here – Link


The wallpaper is so hard to photograph, it’s glitter effect and sparkles beautifully when the light hits it!

Wallpaper – Link

Frame (you were born to sparkle) – Asda

This amazing light fitting is an absolute bargain and looks much more expensive than it is – will be getting another for the other spare room!

Crystal Light Shade – Link

UPDATE: my gorgeous new candle from Made by Yasmin was made for this room, the crystal jar is so glamorous looking! It’s strudel and spice scented and smells amazing – like Christmas dessert in a jar!
Handmade Candle – Link

And that’s another room complete – plenty more blog posts I want to write which will follow as soon as I can 🙂

New dressing room chair info here.

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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