Christmas Decor – Entrance & Hall

As you may have already worked out we love Christmas in this house and we also love anything that lights up, so it may come as no surprise that this extends to the front of the house and entrance hall at Christmas!

We also put out icicle lights along the front but that’s another post for when they’re done! This year the outside will also include projection lights (which you’ve probably already read about on my instagram) which Mr Rackley is super excited about – he loves a new gadget to experiment with!


We have 4 of these little trees, two go here and two in the rooms at the front to shine through the window – for cheap trees they’re pretty full and impressive! These trees were very much inspired by American Christmas films – love a good cheesy Christmas film!!

Trees – Link

Snow Tree Skirt (this was one skirt cut into half) – Link


UPDATE: The new doormat arrived today, the text is all glittery and catches the light!

Doormat – eBay Link

Also available here – Link


The trees are decorated indoors and then taken outside – who wants to sit outside decorating in the cold haha! This is what it looked like up close before they went out. These were decorated in the same order as the main tree – lights first, gold ribbon, silver beading, gold baubles, silver baubles, gold bows and then star at the top last!

Lights – I used a 240 pack of outdoor lights from Morrisons (£10 per pack) – one per tree

Gold Ribbon –eBay Link (one of these cut in half, half per tree)

Silver Beading – Home Bargains – 99p

Gold and Silver Baubles – Dunelm (can’t find it online but they had tubes of baubles for £2 each – I’ve used 2 tubes per tree, one gold and one silver pack)

Gold bows – Home Bargains (not online but 99p for 3)

Little Star Toppers (in first photo) – from B&Q for £1 each


This wreath matches the garlands that I have indoors and of course matches my Christmas colours 🙂  This has been held on with gold ribbon wrapped around the door knocker.

Wreath – Link


First thing you see when you come indoors is this star and plaque combo – we’ve had so many compliments on this already from anyone that visits! It’s currently been hooked together with a cable tie but planning to change that to a less obvious method!

Star – Home Bargains – £4.99 (not online)

Plaque – B&M – Can’t remember the price but wasn’t much!


This little reindeer has also been really popular, particularly with my little cousin who loves that he is almost her height haha!

Reindeer – Link

Plaque – Link

Snowflake Stickers (crystal effect) – £2.49 per pack from B&M (one pack per side used here)


I absolutely love these garlands, they come pre-decorated and I just add a few silver baubles to match my decor 🙂 More info on the actual furniture can be found on the hallway blog post – here.

Garland – Link

Mirror Lights – Link

Candles – From the range, can’t find it online again but wasn’t too expensive!


UPDATE: This also just arrived, going behind the radiator covers and under the stairs to turn the garlands on was beginning to get really annoying, so the answer came in the form of remote control plugs!! They’re ingenius, and they work in a 30m range, so I can even turn the lights off from outside the cupboard 🙂

Remote Control Plugs – Link


These little hearts are on 4 of the downstairs doors, think I will probably turn them around after Christmas and keep for decor 🙂

Hearts – Home Bargains (not online but 99p each)


Love this giant snowflake on the other wall!

Snowflake – from The Range


More garlands on the stairs too! They’re best with the main lights off but not easy to photograph – it’s a proper Christmassy glow 🙂

Garland – Two of the previous ones connected together! – Link

I’ve added silver baubles again, some ribbon and a few bows!

Bows – B&M – £1.99 for 3

Ribbon – B&M – £1

The garland on the top radiator cover just in view here is similar but a smaller version without lights, I’ve added a few silver baubles and lights to it to match!

Small Garland – Link


The stair garland is attached using cable ties in a colour to blend in with the stairs, will cut off when time to pack away and just get new ones next year!


While we’re up here I might as well mention the landing window! Love having a window here to dress, the landing in our previous house was just a big wall and it was really difficult to do much with it!

Tree Light – (currently out of stock but it comes and goes!) – Link

Gold Star – B&M

Silver Reindeer – Link

Gold Reindeer (I swapped the one’s that started here into my lounge and bought these instead!) – Link

A little more Christmas decor to come soon, can’t seem to find the time at the moment to get much done in one go!!

Hope you’re all starting to feel festive! Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a season and it’s that unmistakable feeling you get around this time of year!

Lots of love

Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. YOur gorgeous trees outside. Are the lights battery operated? Or do you have power outside. I’d love one on my friend my porch but nowhere to plug it in. Kate x. Any tips suggestions? You’re a ⭐️

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